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As 2017 marks the 10th year of operations, we have been interviewing former Asia Exchange students to ask where life has taken them since the study abroad semester. This time we are quickly catching up with Paul, who studied in Bali for a semester in 2010. That’s already seven years ago!

AE: Hi Paul! How are you, and where are you right now?

PAUL: I’m fine, thank you. I’m living in Stuttgart (Germany) now.


AE: Good to hear! You studied with Asia Exchange in Bali, isn’t that right? What made you go on exchange originally, and have you visited Bali or Asia since?

PAUL: Yes, I was studying in Bali in 2010. I chose Asia Exchange because they were offering a nice program in Bali, and I really wanted to study there. I haven’t traveled to Asia since then.


AE: In which ways, would you say your time studying abroad was helpful? Did you learn something that you still value?

PAUL: Studying abroad had a lot of effects on me. The other students in the program helped me to see things from other perspectives that I had gotten used to growing up in Germany. Students from the US or Finland taught me new ideas and habits, and I definitely picked up something new from my studies abroad. I still value all the experiences and getting to see the calm, happy and friendly way Bali people handle things.


AE: So what are you doing for a living currently? And where do you see your work career going?

PAUL: I work for Philips Lighting as Sales Manager in the LED Business. My career started 2015 and therefore I would say that I am still at the very beginning of my work career with them… Philips is a huge corporation with many chances to grow in my role – in some time, I plan to be leading my own team.

travel_and_study Besides studying in Bali, Paul also took advantage of the weekend breaks to travel around the nearby islands, like Java, pictured here.

AE: Great to hear! Good luck with your new career! Lastly, what would you say to all the students thinking of studying abroad in Asia?

PAUL: Studying in Asia was one of the greatest adventures in my life so far. Everything was very different to my European experiences, and the time spent studying in Asia definitely extended my abilities and way of thinking. I can highly recommend everybody to take on such opportunities and starttheir own Asian adventure! ?

Paul studied in Bali in 2010 and was keeping a great travel blog (written in German but all the pictures make it well worth visiting also for someone who doesn’t understand German) – you can still find the blog here

Thank you for the interview, Paul!

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