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It’s good to see the fastest growing continent in the world.

Emmi studied abroad at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia during autumn 2012. She comes originally from Finland. Read her interview below:

Exchange students going to Phi Phi

What made you to decide to come and study in Asia?

During the summer 2012, I felt like i want to experience something new. At the same time my friends got accepted to Bangkok, Thailand trough Asia Exchange. I asked some questions about the application procedure and costs. Everything happened very fast and easily, and suddenly the application was filled and I got accepted.

How was the application procedure?

I just applied to Bali and it too, if I remember correctly, only a few days to get the email that I was approved to the program. The application procedure was very easy.

What have been the best things about your exchange experience?

I got to know very nice people, also I became familiar with totally new culture. People here in Bali are so kind and I also love being somewhere where it’s warm and you have the possibility to surf.

How do you find the balance between school and free-time?

I think it was fun to be at school, also it gives a nice rhythm to daily routines. School started pretty early and we also got home early so there was still hours left before the sun went down.

Bali seaside cliffs

Where did you travel during your exchange?

I traveled only to Jakarta both before I came to Bali and after the semester was over when I was heading back to Finland. Jakarta was very different compared to Bali. No tourists anywhere. We were like celebrities there.

Did you experience any culture shock in the beginning?

Yes I did. My phone was stolen on the very first day. It was also pretty hard in the beginning when I needed to find a villa and a motorbike (which I had never driven before) without knowing anyone. At first we stayed in Kuta, where the vendors were continuously trying to sell everything to us and fool us. Also Kuta was very crowded and a bit crazy.

Why is Asia a suitable exchange destination?

Asia is a very good choice for exchange studies as its importance is growing so quickly and not that many people have in-depth knowledge of the continent yet.

What do you think about Asia Exchange’s charity work?

It is amazing! At first Seeds of Hope orphanage, and now ROLE, which focuses on recycling and waste management here in Bali. Amazing targets.

Why is it better to go for an exchange rather just backpacking?

You will learn much more about the culture and habits from the university and you feel much safer.

What would you like to say to a person who is thinking about going on an exchange in Asia?

Go for it! Exchange studies in Asia give amazing experiences that you will never forget!

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