Eelis’ Exciting Study Abroad Adventure and Life as an Asia Exchange Student Ambassador-Part 2!  

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Eelis Nilsson recently completed a successful semester abroad at Kasetsart University in Bangkok. He is back in Sweden, taking up Industrial Engineering at Linköping University. To learn more about his exciting student life in Bangkok, click HERE 

While preparing for his study abroad semester, Eelis became a student ambassador for Asia Exchange. An ambassador is a student who is currently studying or has been studying abroad with Asia Exchange and is now helping other students embark on this journey. Eelis’s remarkable experiences and enthusiasm for sharing valuable information about the benefits of living and studying in Bangkok made him one of the top ambassadors, and a record number of students were inspired to apply after hearing about his experiences. Keep reading to learn more about his exciting role! 

Asia Exchange Student Ambassador 

An ambassador is a current or former exchange student who helps others by sharing their experiences studying abroad through Asia Exchange. Besides getting valuable experience in networking, marketing, and communications, being an ambassador is an excellent highlight in their CV as it shows international exposure and willingness to help others succeed.  

Here is what Eelis’ has to say about being an Asia Exchange Ambassador! 

What made you become an ambassador for Asia Exchange? 

“It’s fun! Many people want to go abroad here in Linköping, so I can always talk about my study experience in Bangkok through Asia Exchange.” 

What kind of promotional activities do you do as an ambassador? 

“I mostly talk to people, answer their questions, help them with concerns about their studies, and such. I have a Facebook group for students interested in studying abroad, where I can share information and help the students” 

A Student Ambassador promotes Asia Exchange’s services and study destinations to friends and others interested in studying abroad. They use their personal networks, blogs, social media accounts to endorse Asia Exchange and encourage other students to study abroad. The ambassadors are also a visible part of Asia Exchange social media channels. Often one can see the daily life of an exchange student portrayed by a current outbound ambassador or a Q&A-session with an alumni ambassador on Asia Exchange Instagram account. 

Ambassadors also promote Asia Exchange at their home university by joining international days or holding sessions sharing their experiences. These on-campus activities are an easy way to receive information about studying abroad and a great opportunity to meet an ambassador in person! 

What are the most common questions that you received? 

It’s definitely about the courses. Like, what programs can you take advantage of in Sweden? And what programs should I enroll in Bangkok that complement my engineering studies?  

In addition to answering questions, the ambassadors act as a bridge between the students and Asia Exchange. Thanks to their personal experience, the ambassadors know what students expect from studying abroad, and what students can expect abroad. The Ambassadors’ funny stories can be heard, for example, in webinars organized by Asia Exchange, where they can participate as panelists. 

To ensure a successful ambassadorship, the ambassadors have full support from Asia Exchange when dealing with challenging questions, coming up with activity ideas, or navigating cultural differences. They have access to professional counselors with extensive knowledge of our products and services. This ensures that ambassadors can confidently represent Asia Exchange, provide accurate information, and effectively engage with their audience. 

Please name one thing that summarizes your semester abroad. 

The freedom of exploring and traveling! I felt another level of freedom in Bangkok and traveling around the country! We had friends studying in Singapore, and they would come here to visit. We didn’t even have a plan, but Bangkok has lovely beaches, good food, and more to explore! 

Interested in becoming an Asia Exchange Ambassador? Contact us and fill out your application HERE!

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