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Study at Asia Exchange’s eCampus – The best distance learning program

Asia Exchange has launched its eCampus

During the pandemic, education systems worldwide went online. As a result, many students got comfortable with having online courses. They realized the vast advantages of studying online. For some, it’s even hard to go back to onsite lectures and give up the freedom of studying online. At Asia Exchange, we think students should have the chance to benefit from distant learning also after the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Asia Exchange has launched the innovative eCampus at Warmadewa University! 

What is the eCampus?

Asia Exchange’s eCampus is an online study solution. International students can join all courses taught at the eCampus independent from place and time, which gives students the ultimate flexibility to combine their study abroad experience with a great variety of academic courses. The inspiring and modern lectures at the eCampus are optional extensions to the regular study abroad programs. Moreover, to participate at the eCampus, students must enroll at Warmadewa University in Bali, one of Asia Exchange’s most popular partner universities. Finally, each distance learning course comes at an additional charge of 149€ / 167USD. 

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Courses & study fields 

The eCampus consists of English distance learning courses in the fields of Economics, Marketing, Politics, and Social Sciences. Click here to find a detailed overview of all online courses available. All classes are worth 5 ECTS. Furthermore, the distance learning lectures are live or recorded. Consequently, students are independent of time and location. Moreover, all online courses are 100 minutes and taught by Professors and Business experts. So, join the eCampus and learn from experts from all around the world! 

online studies at eCampus university
If you enroll at Warmadewa University you can choose additional online courses of the eCampus

How do the lectures work?

The online courses at the eCampus are hosted via CLANED, an innovative distant learning platform from Finland. Then, students get individualized course boards. In general, CLANED has a highly engaging setup. It is the perfect tool for online studies because it enables social learning and interactive study material. In addition, students have access to progress reports and study behavior analytics. Another great advantage of CLANED is the options for your online exams. For example, the platform offers interactive assignments and multiple-choice exams.

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All advantages of the eCampus at one glance

  • Study online, independent from time and place
  • Your semester abroad transcript includes the online courses
  • Add the missing elements to the course selection at our host universities
  • Learn more than anywhere else
  • Study most affordably in an individualized study path
travel Indonesia as exchange student
Take advantage of studying online to travel more – Komodo Islands

Do you want to study abroad and join the eCampus? Find out more information here!

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This blog post was written by our Content Specialist Nele

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