inomic contest worth €500

Earn a €500 conference grant in the INOMICS contest

Our friends at INOMICS, an international service in economics, business and finance, are inviting all students to participate in their annual Conference Grant Contest 2016.

Each year, you can enter for a chance to win a €500 grant to cover the costs of the conference of your choice. The grant can be used to cover travel, accommodations, and/or registration costs for an intended conference.

Participating is easy. You choose the conference that you want to attend and answer three questions related to your own career growth. The most thoughtful and original answer will be rewarded with the conference grant.

Take part in the contest now

win a contest of inomics and won €500

The contest is open to all INOMICS users from August 1st to October 14th. You will find the official rules at

If you have not yet found any event that you want to attend, you can look for inspiration on INOMICS, where top conferences and workshops from all around the world are listed.

INOMICS looks forward to helping one passionate, driven student attend their dream conference!

INOMICS is an international service for students, researchers and professionals in economics, business and finance. On the INOMICS website, people can search for conferences, jobs, study programs, short courses, funding and resources to advance in their careers. The extensive INOMICS international network includes many high-ranking academic and professional economists and institutions.


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