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Make Your Dreams Come True On Paradise Island

Bali, Lombok, and the nearby islands often become a part of the visiting exchange students -and for many, the semester abroad is truly a life changing experience.Such is the spirit of Bali, that it tends to change life stories.Some fall in love, some lose their hearts to the Balinese beat of life, many simply refuse to leave.For Mirka and Jonna, it was literally none of the above. Nonetheless, the experience turned out to be life-changing both personally and professionally. In this article you’ll read how they followed their dreams and where they are now.

Studying abroad in Bali

We wouldn’t be where we are without studying abroad and our experiences in Bali. Photo by Artem Bali / CC BY

Mirka and Jonna didn’t know each other before the study abroad semester but ended up as roommates in one of the outstanding Balinese villas. Four years later, they are passionate wellness professionals and run online wellness community together.All the experiences we gathered while studying in Bali and afterwards come together in our wellness society, Ihana Wellness, Mirka explains.We want to share the spirit of wellness and to carry out our professions in an international environment.

Life after Bali

Studying abroad is amazingly rewarding, and in more ways than just the graduation certificate. Photo by Mirka and Jonna / CC BY

Mirka finished her Master’s degree back in Finland, while Jonna decided to go Down Under to wrap up her Business studies.Along with giving them a permanent life change, Bali also gave them a permanent spark for travel. Mirka went for two internships in Austria and Namibia after Bali, while Jonna ended up getting permanent residency in Australia. Jonna wanted to find a way to combine entrepreneurship and holistic wellness. The first step was to become a personal trainer. Soon she established Ihana Fitness, started organizing Boot Camps outdoors and ended up working at a private PT-studio.

Studying abroad in Bali absolutely changed the directions of our lives. We wouldn’t be where we are without studying abroad and our experiences in Bali.

Ihana Wellness

Mirka and Jonna enjoying the colorful fall-time in Helsinki, Finland. Photo by Mirka and Jonna / CC BY

Now they are both back in Helsinki, working full steam with Ihana Wellness. They provide fitness and nutrition services together with healthy catering services.First and foremost, we want to keep speaking about active, healthy and adventurous lifestyle. Our social media channels are all about healthy lifestyle and going after one’s dreams, they say.Had it not been for their study abroad semester in spring 2012, who knows. It would be a whole another story, that’s all we know.

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For us the study abroad experience was highly influential. We want to encourage everyone to study abroad and we can warmly recommend doing that via Asia Exchange. Sometimes life changes might feel exciting and even scary, but we always want to encourage you to take the chance.

Asia Exchange wishes Ihana Wellness all the best in the future and thanksto Mirka and Jonna for the interview.

Dare to dream, live your dream.

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