Cost of Studying in Korea in 2023: A Guide to daily to monthly expenses, scholarships, and more!

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Despite being a first-world country with the best universities in Busan, Seoul, and other areas, the cost of studying in Korea is certainly more affordable compared to other established Asian nations.

Aside from its equally fascinating and influential culture, South Korea spends explicitly more on its educational programs to develop its citizen, which also equally benefits international students.

If you plan to have a semester or year abroad in the country, we can help! We specifically listed the cost of studying in Korea, from accommodation to leisure activities.

To help manage your expenses, refer to our budgeting guide below. Moreover, we will also include information about Korean scholarships for international students.

South Korea is a vibrant country with many things to offer to international students!

Why study in Korea?

There are undoubtedly many reasons to enroll in the Tiger Economy of Asia!

Firstly, South Korea has a distinct and modern vibe that everyone will certainly love. Aside from technologically-advanced cities, it also offers a fascinating culture where you can particularly learn how to be self-reliant and goal-oriented.

In addition, it has the best universities specializing in business, health, art, and more. The country’s world-class learning institutions, with specifically advanced teaching methods, transform you to be the best.  

The country also offers delectable food worth trying! A good example is Kimchi – a staple side dish in the Korean menu made from fermented vegetables.

Furthermore, South Korea is one of the safest countries in Asia. You can certainly expect top-notch security while upgrading your educational needs.

How much is the cost of studying in Korea for international students?

The cost of studying in Korea for international students generally starts from $1,800. However, the price particularly varies depending on the educational program and university.

Below is an overview of the best universities in the country, their available programs, and tuition fees:

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Summer School

Available Programs: Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Asian Studies, and International Business

Fee: 1990 EUR or approximately 2,108 USD

One or two semesters

Available Programs: Business, Economics, Engineering, History, International Relations and Politics, Languages, Law, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, and more.

Fee: 2,490 EUR or roughly 2,637 USD

International Bachelor’s Degree

Available Programs: International Relations, International Economics, International Law and Development, Culture, Humanities, and Languages.

Fee: 22,700 EUR or about 24,047 USD.

Hanyang University

One or two semester

Available Programs: Business, Economics, Engineering, Public Relations, Physics, and more.

Fee: 2,490 EUR or approximately 2,637 USD.

Dong-A University

One or two semester

Available Programs: Business and Management

Fee: 1,990 EUR or roughly 2,108 USD

cost of studying in Korea
The country surely has healthy food options to nourish you while studying!

Cost of living in Korea

To help you understand the cost of studying in Korea, here is a breakdown of the daily and monthly expenses courtesy of Note that the prices are in US Dollars. 

One-bedroom apartment in the downtown area$441.56
One-bedroom apartment outside the city$339.99
One liter of gasoline$1.29
Monthly public transit pass$ 43.92
A taxi ride going to the city$10.19
One liter of Milk$1.98
Chicken Breast$8.04
One kg of Apples$7.04
One kg of Bananas$3.63
One kg of Oranges$4.54
A bottle of beer$2.75
A cup of cappuccino$3.38
Monthly gym membership$44.78
Cinema ticket$9.09
Living costs and recreational activities are equally reasonably-priced in South Korea!


The accommodation costs generally depend on your preferred location. Renting in university dormitories ranges from $384 to $1228 per semester.

Meanwhile, choosing to live in an apartment comparatively ranges from $340 to $442, depending on the size and location. In addition, you must pay a security deposit of $2300 or more, which is generally refundable once your contract ends.


A typical monthly mobile phone bill generally costs around $35, while an internet connection at your rented place is $21.80.

Moreover, home utility bills, including gas and water, are equally included in your monthly rent.


South Korea particularly has an efficient public transportation system, so there is no need to worry about traffic.

Furthermore, riding buses and the subway equally ensure you can arrive on time for classes, and both are reasonably priced at $.92 and $1.84, respectively.


National Health Insurancegenerally provides healthcare in South Korea. International students must specifically sign up after six months in the region to access the same privileges locals enjoy.

Additionally, if you particularly prefer personal medical insurance, set aside $18.42 per month.

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How to budget your cost of studying in Korea

Our Budgeting guide can specifically help you prepare your expenses in the county. Download the budgeting spreadsheet to plan your cost of studying in Korea.

In addition, look for alternatives in housing, transportation, etc. South Korea is certainly a suitable country for international students, and you will find more affordable options to lessen the cost of studying in the country.

Furthermore, you can also apply for an International Student Identity Card to enjoy discounts! Take advantage of price reductions from various products and services to lessen your expenses. 


Can an international student work part-time in Korea?

To legally work part-time in South Korea, you must specifically apply for a permit at the Immigration office or by registering at Hikorea

How can I find affordable accommodation in Korea?

South Korea has reasonably priced housing for international learners. Moreover, you may choose from student hotels ($154 to $767) or “Goshiwon” housing near universities ($136 to $345).

Can international students apply for scholarships in Korea?

Yes, international learners can apply for a scholarship in the country. Global Korea Scholarship Program and the Korean Government Support Program For Foreign Exchange Students are some of the best providers of educational grants in the country.

Studying in Korea is a life-changing decision that will surely improve your life!

To sum it up

If we specifically look from a broader perspective, the cost of studying in Korea is undoubtedly worth it, as you can gain memorable experiences and lifelong friends and be the best version of yourself!

Imagine all the beautiful things waiting for you in Korea. Furthermore, visualize how you will become an international graduate with equally impressive and excellent credentials to immediately make any employer hire you!

Apply now and achieve your study goals in Korea! If you have questions, book a free counseling session, and our team of experts will assist you.

Furthermore, visit our Blog section to learn more about studying higher education abroad.

Lastly, ourvirtual boothhas the best information about universities worldwide! Aside from South Korea, you can equally learn more about learning institutions in Bali, Mexico, Portugal, and more!

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