Asia Exchange students are seating while looking in front

Certification Ceremony, Bali, fall 2016

Leaving is said to be one of the hardest thing to learn…

At the end of every semester, hundreds of our exchange students are having to leave something that they may not quite yet realize they are going to miss. It is not only the time they have gotten to spend abroad, but it also the people have gotten to meet, culture they have been surrounded by, and all the amazing experiences they have gathered during the exchange period. Some are going to miss the early morning commute to the university in the center of the city; some will miss the sand on their feet or the smell of exotic spices. Smiles and laughs shared, and many of those new faces that one became some familiar with will soon be just a golden memory.

Fall semester 2016 in Bali was another one to remember. There were ups and downs as always – when studying in Asia, not everything always runs the same way as in Europe or North-America. At the certification ceremony, the students giving speeches had gotten to realize what an amazing experience it had been to get to live and study in an entirely different country with a special culture for four month. The following gallery will show some moods from the ceremony, and there is also a video of the great speech that Asia Exchange student, Antoine Arboit gave.

“When you and I, when we go home.. All those little things, all the people and all the faces.. Even all those things you thought you would never miss…. Trust me, you will miss all of it for the rest of your life. “
– Antoine Arboit

bali_dance_traditional And what would a closing ceremony be without some traditional dance performances!

students_bali Tamino Taylor and Vincent Goller held student speeches in front of over 200 spectators.

speech_bali Antoine Arboit giving a very entertaining speech.

 bali_certification One after another, students were called to collect their certificates.

Smiles on both sides! Smiles on both sides!

asia_exchange_intern Asia Exchange intern Denise spoke to all the students in behalf of Asia Exchange office staff.

asia_exchange_students Some of Asia Exchange students.

study_in_bali There were so many students, that not all could fit in one photo. Here’s group 1 out of 4.

students_in_bali Group 2 out of 4

studying_in_bali Group 3 ouf 4. Unfortunately due to overly eager photographers on the foreground, we don’t have a proper photo of the 4th group.

dancing_bali Some of the students were called to come up to the stage and dance as well

bali_smile While some were slightly too shy to get up and dance in front of all the other students.

Everyone leaves an exchange in Asia as a slightly different person, with a big bag full of memories. We wish all our 2016 students all the best for 2017 and the future to come. Let’s keep in touch!

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