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Valentine’s day in Thailand makes people full of love

On the 14th of February, more or less the whole world goes wild on the day of love, and romantic air is everywhere. Also in the Land of Smiles, people are celebrating the “wan Valentine”—and they are going crazy! Even though Valentine’s Day is not native to Thailand, it has developed into a tradition, and the people are in love with it. They celebrate it everywhere around the world, but with their own unique touch!

In Thailand there are many romantic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Photo by John Naphat

The country itself offers so many romantic places. It’s easy to find a private spot on any given beach with a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Thailand has become one of the most popular destinations in the world for weddings and honeymoons. A perfect place to be on during Valentine’s day.

The Thai believe when you pray at the Trimurti Shrine on Valentine’s Day, you will find true love. Photo by Lisheng Chang

EvenBangkok cannot escape Cupid’s arrow. Oversized cuddly toys can be bought on every corner. No costs and efforts will be spared to decorate the streets and prominent places with red flowers and hearts. Especially the Trimurti Shrine, also called the shrine of love, becomes a very popular attraction during Valentine’s day. It’s located in downtown Bangkok and the meaning of the shrine makes the place special to the Thais.The people believe that everyone who prays there will find the true love and get their dreams fulfilled.

The flower markets are booming all over the City on this day. Especially the area around the biggest flower and vegetable market, Pak Klong Talad, near the Memorial Bridge. Like in Europe, boyfriends spend tons of money in buying big flower bouquets, chocolate, and jewelry for their girls.

Pak Klong Talad, the biggest flower market in Bangkok, is a must visit during Valentine’s Day. Emily Fletke

Besides going out for dinner and giving presents and flowers to their loved ones, the Thais commonly use this day totie the knot. In the district Bang Rak, also known as the “village of love”, thousands of couples wait for hours at the office to register their marriage. Each of these couples hopes to receive one of the twelve gold marriage certificates, which will be given away only on Valentine’s day. However, would it be Thailand if you just could go to a register office? Of course not.

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Some people say marriage is an adventure, and in this case, they are right! From underwater wedding ceremonies to jumping out of an aircraft and hitching up in mid-air, everything is possible in Thailand during Valentine’s Day! In 2013, a couple kissed for more than 58 hours and 35 minutes without interruption – no food, no break for a little run to the toilet, no chance for a fresh bubblegum, but yes, a new world record.Going to the extreme seems to be common in “The Land of Smiles”, especially when Cupid is lurking around the corner so you better watch out!

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