The graveyard of forgotten flipflops

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Bali, the island of Gods and its nature's incredible beauty are facing a serious waste problem with no end in sight. The amount of waste in Southern Bali is exceeding 240…

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A more chilled campus

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Campus chill out day was held on a hot Tuesday the 22nd of SeptemberChill out day is an event that is organized every semester by Asia Exchange. All of the…

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AE team is growing!

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Last week we received extra hands to help us when Eeva quit her nursing job in Finland and joined our Bali crew!Eeva studied in Bali last year and thereafter continued…

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The ambassador was here!

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"On Friday 11th of September we were glad to welcome Finland’s current Indonesian ambassador Päivi Hiltunen-Toivio for a visit at Udayana University"Despite the cancelled classes many Finnish students came to…

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Movies set in AE destinations

The autumn semester is getting closer and future exchange students are waiting impatiently for the adventure of a lifetime to start. It’s still too early to start packing, but there…

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Run Colin, run! – Part 2

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Hello dear Asia Exchange readers,As we all knew he would, our friend Colin managed to finish his run! (a round of applause please!). Without further ado, I will leave the…

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