A more chilled campus

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Campus chill out day was held on a hot Tuesday the 22nd of September

Chill out day is an event that is organized every semester by Asia Exchange. All of the students studying at Jimbaran campus or even in Denpasar were however invited to take part in this relaxed event. We were happy to see that especially IBSN students came and joined the lucky draw during their breaks and enjoyed the treats that were offered in the inner yard. Unfortunately GoBali attendance was not that big, since they usually have their tuesdays off. Some curious local students were also spotted walking around in the crowd!

relaxing day in campus

This year we invited everyone to have a huge picnic in the inner yard of the campus area! For this purpose, all the Asia Exchange students received a beautiful green sarong with an Asia Exchange logo on it. The sarongs were immediately out to use and most of the students spend their free period sitting under the trees on a sarong while enjoying Gede Bagu’s great singing in the background.

picnic day in campus all of the students are happy to attend it

Of course, a picnic is not a picnic without something delicious to eat. Steven found some Indonesian midday snacks and ingredients for the refreshment drink “Es Buah” (Ice fruits) from the traditional Balinese market. This was Steven’s recipe from Sulawesi that included fresh fruits like Papaya, watermelon and melon, condensed milk and flavoured syrup. Usually the traditional recipe is quite sweet as is all the food here in Indonesia, but Steven managed to prepare it less sweet to suit the students’ tastes.

chill day in campus served with indonesian local food

The star of the day was definitely our musician Gede Bagus who has already played at AE events several times. Gede’s great voice and awesome interpretation of chilled cover songs fit perfectly to the lazy afternoon atmosphere. During the years Gede has become so popular that this time it was fialry difficult to find a suitable time that fit his schedule. He is now touring in Australia which says something about his performing skills and popularity.

musician from bali entertaining the students

AE’s partner companies in Bali kindly donated prizes for our lucky draw that many of the students of all the programs took part in. Study in Bali offered the main prize: speed boat tickets for two persons. Pink nails beauty studio, Steal Petals tattoo studio, and Restaurant Pit Stop also took part in our event.

As AE also does a lot of co-operation with non-profit organizations working in Bali, we asked them to join the event and let people know about their operation and functional projects. Luckily, Role Foundation had time to do this and they presented options to do voluntary work in the field of environmental awareness and education as well as woman empowerment. Many students had shown interested in spending their free time by doing something good for the local communities and this was a great opportunity to meet the organisation in need of helping hands!

students are signing up for the lucky draw

According to the students everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Udayana University’s staff was also pleased that students had nice activities during the break! Lucky draw winners were extremely happy. This year fortune favored the girls since almost all the prizes went to female students.

everyone is enjoyed the day