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Business, videos and studying in Bali

Business, videos and studying is a good combination if you live in Bali

Nils Pettersson is a Swedish exchange student currently doing a semester at Udayana University in Bali. He is an investor and videographer enjoying his time in Bali full-on. Below you can read about Nils’ experiences so far, and have a look on his videos to see his adventures.

Hello Nils, tell us about yourself…

Okay, I’m Nils Pettersson from Sweden and I’m 21 years old. This is my last year in the Swedish university. After this semester I will graduate in spring, I’m studying international marketing in Sweden. Do you want to know more haha?

Nils Pettersson in front of Udayana Campus The young investor is also co-owner in their family real estate business. Photo by Emil

Haha, that’s plenty. So what made you choose Bali then?

So when I started to plan my exchange semester my first thought was Asia. My first option was China because my home university had a cooperation with a Chinese university. But then I heard from my fellow students in Sweden that they studied in Bali last year so I got inspired by them on Instagram. Bali seemed like such a different place compared to Sweden so I thought “maybe Bali will bring the most out of the semester”. I changed my mind and went to Bali. Also, I like to make videos, explore nature and dive. Bali has such a diverse nature so it was perfect for that and I already got to dive with manta rays in Nusa Penida, which was a dream come true. That’s why I chose Bali.

Nils Pettersson snorkling “I already got to dive with manta rays in Nusa Penida, which was a dream come true.”, Photo by Nils

What kind of content are you creating with your videos?

I don’t want to call it a vlog, because the purpose is just to create memories. I just want to capture what I’m doing here to show my friends and family. I’m more of the guy behind the camera instead of in front of it, I just like to film nature and show what I’m experiencing here. I’m away for such a long time so it’s fun to share what I’m doing here. I post videos every week and it’s a lot of work behind it but I think it’s worth it to have the memories.

Sick! Besides videos, how are you spending your free time?

It’s not a big hobby of mine, it’s just a way of creating memories. My biggest hobbies are training and investing, following the market every day. I’m also the co-owner of our family business in real estate and in my free time, I take care of the finance for it.

That’s an interesting “hobby” to have haha, I mean people do that for a living, don’t they?

Yeah haha, it’s something that will become my work in the future. So right now I’m doing it beside school but want to focus on it fully in the future. Another thing I’m interested in at the moment is affiliate marketing, I’m working on an affiliate website that I’m hoping to launch soon.

Nils Pettersson in class at Udayana “I’m working on an affiliate website that I’m hoping to launch soon”. Photo by Emil

What is affiliate marketing and what kind of content are you creating?

It’s a type of blog and I will put down product lines.

Oh okay. What is your product?

It’s in the sports branch, it will be linked to training sites and incubate training equipment and that sort of stuff. So that’s the product I’m working on too. I think entrepreneurship is a big part of my life.

Haha maybe the BBF would have suited you, you know, the Bali Business Foundation program with a more hands-on kind of learning and start-up company visits type of approach. Anyway, how is the student life here?

Haha, that program sounds very interesting!

The student life I think it depends on who you are with. I think I got lucky with my roommates. We live in an apartment complex with our apartments and so I have 12 roommates. We are very similar, we like to party and explore and generally do stuff together. So I consider myself lucky ending up with those guys. I think student life is really fun, you can do so much here! So many parties and so many places to explore. Doesn’t matter who you are, there’s something for everybody.

So true, something for everybody. So your roommates, are you all Swedes or..?

I’m the only Swedish guy, the other ones are Germans haha. Our apartment is located in Kerobokan which is cool but the disadvantage for some is that our school is quite the drive away, 30 minutes by scooter. I love it, I love the ride. We wanted to live close to where everything happens, close to the energy! Most of the students live there and most of the parties are there!

Nils Pettersson sunset surf photo “Lombok. It was a very nice experience for me. The first feelings were awesome with so much fewer people”. Photo by Nils

What kind of highlights can you share of this trip?

Lombok. It was a very nice experience for me. The first feelings were awesome with so much fewer people. The roads were perfect for riding a motorbike. The nature was very beautiful too, it’s very different from Bali so I recommend people to go there!

How do you feel your time abroad has affected you?

I think the biggest thing that happened to me is that I learned to appreciate Sweden and where I come from because when I was younger I felt I was tired of the small town I come from. I wanted to live in other places. Now that I’ve been to other places and cultures I have an appreciation and I’m looking forward to going back home too. You get new perspectives on life. I think it’s good to travel to other countries, other cultures because you will always learn and experience new stuff, maybe even find new interests.

Nils Pettersson happy at Udayana “I think the student life is really fun, you can do so much here!”. Photo by Emil 

Yes man! Do you have a message for anyone considering to study in Bali?

I recommend it. I’ve never been to Asia but it’s been really fun to experience the culture in Bali, and it’s always fun to meet new people and try new things, explore in general. The university is not too hard and the level might be different from what one might be used to haha!

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This interview was conducted by our digital marketing intern Emil! 

Follow Nils’ adventures and watch his videos on YouTube:

Or follow his instagram: @nilspetterssons


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