Business schools abroad: Best and most affordable business universities worldwide to ultimately sharpen your skills

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Studying at business schools abroad surely guarantees a refreshing learning experience while upgrading your education.

If you are equally looking for the best and most affordable business schools abroad, we can help!

We made a list of the best yet reasonably-priced business schools abroad that will make you globally employable.

Moreover, we will also answer commonly asked questions about studying business programs abroad.

Advantages of studying at business schools abroad

Before going to the list of best yet reasonably priced business schools abroad, here are the best advantages of enrolling overseas:

Personal benefits

  • Exposure to a new culture effectively helps you have an unbiased view of the world.
  • It generally upgrades your language skills and helps in communicating, negotiating, and other essential skills needed in your future profession.
  • Establish your confidence and maturity equally to handle challenges.

Professional benefits

  • Acquire broader knowledge in various business and management styles, leadership, and more that you may not specifically learn in your home country.
  • Become generally acquainted with international rules and standards.
  • Build a professional network that can undoubtedly help in your plans after graduation.

Best business schools abroad

1. Shanghai University

Shanghai, China

2,490 EUR per semester

Enrolling in business schools abroad, specifically in China, surely has tremendous privileges.

Aside from living in the world’s second-largest economy, Shanghai University’s business programs generally introduce the structure of Chinese businesses and the economy, fully equipping you with the best education.  

business schools abroad

2. Tokyo eCampus by Undiknas University

Tokyo, Japan

1,900 EUR per semester

Studying in business schools abroad, particularly in Japan, is certainly a refreshing experience as it is culturally stimulating and enriching. With this, the Tokyo eCampus by Undiknas University is the perfect place for your educational needs.

Aside from its ideal location in the heart of Tokyo, you get to study in BLINK – the number one coworking space in Japan that surely offers easy access to all your necessities.  

3. European University of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

2,490 EUR per semester

If you prefer to enroll in business schools abroad with enchanting sceneries, the European University of Lisbon is the right fit.

Additionally, the European University of Lisbon is generally acclaimed worldwide. It is the 5th best private university in Portugal and specifically offers study fields in business such as management, marketing, and more. 

business schools abroad

4. American College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

2,490 EUR per semester

American College Dublin is one of the best business schools abroad, offering exceptional post-secondary education in Bachelor’s and Masters. It generally merges the principal elements of Irish and American education to establish a bonded and diverse academic community.

More importantly, it is a dual-accredited educational institution equally offering opportunities for European and American accreditations. 

5. Hanyang University

Seoul, South Korea

2,490 EUR per semester

Aside from engineering, Hanyang University is also considered one of the best business schools abroad. It has the highest employer-school partnership in Korea and specifically offers in-demand educational programs in business and economics.

Moreover, Seoul is certainly ideal if you prefer a vibrant environment with a fast-forwarding economy. It is also reasonably priced to enroll in the country. To know the cost of studying, click HERE.

6. Dong-A University

Busan, South Korea

1,990 EUR per semester

Dong-A University in Busan, South Korea, is another Korean learning institution considered one of the best business schools abroad for many reasons.

First, it is located in Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city and most popular tourist destination, with relaxing beaches and majestic mountains.

Next, Busan is specifically one of Asia’s essential logistics centers. Additionally, some of the largest logistics businesses globally operate in the area.

Furthermore, Dong-A University is the number 1 private university in Busan, generally providing unmatched support and cultural experience activities. 

7. Udayana University

Bali, Indonesia

2,390 EUR per semester

Udayana Univesity is the top learning institution in Bali, offering exceptional business programs for international students.

In addition, Udayana University ranks in the top 15% of the best learning institutions in Asia, providing courses in Tourism Management, Business Law, and more.

Aside from upgrading your education, expect a memorable experience in Bali, as you can access the best beaches and other relaxing natural wonders. 

business schools abroad

8. Cienfuegos University

Cienfuegos, Cuba

1,990 EUR per semester

As the fastest-growing university and top 1 best course offering for international students, Cienfuegos University is also considered one of the best business schools abroad.

Aside from providing reliable and tailor-made programs in Economics, Management, Marketing, etc., expect a life-changing experience in Cuba – known for its breathtaking islands and exciting vibe. 

business schools abroad

9.  Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Seoul, South Korea

2,490 EUR per semester

Hankuk University is another South Korean learning institution offering outstanding business programs in Global Business Administration, Business and Economics, etc. It is the second-best student city worldwide by QS Ranking and the 8th-best university in the country.

Aside from top-notch education, expect an international and modern learning environment. Moreover, you will also get acquainted with established South Korean companies through internship programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about business schools abroad

What are the admission requirements of business schools abroad?

Generally, the standard requirements to study at business schools abroad include the following:

  • Official transcript of records in English
  • A scanned copy of your valid passport’s identification page
  • Recommendation letter from your current home university
  • Enrollment certificate that shows you are currently studying
  • Personal statement and study plan
  • Bank statement or proof of fund

To know more about other requirements, visit the specific page of your preferred university.

What are the factors to consider in choosing among business schools abroad?

  • -The university’s reputation
  • -The admission requirements
  • -The available programs and specializations
  • -Tuition fee
  • -Cost of living

If you need extensive help in choosing the best location, read our blog on choosing a study abroad destination

What are the job opportunities after graduating from business schools abroad?

You will generally have limitless opportunities after graduating from business schools abroad. Aside from working in multinational companies in your preferred location or home country, you can surely start your own enterprise.

Summing it up

Studying in business schools abroad is personally and professionally rewarding as you can certainly level up your education while experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and learn outside your comfort zone. Start your journey today and schedule a free consultation today! To learn more about other study abroad destinations and the best universities to level you up in many ways, visit our Virtual Booth.

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