Bukit Vista Joins Bali Business Foundation (BBF) Program

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Bukit Vista – Helping Bali property owners

Bali Business Foundation (BBF) is a new program that is organized in cooperation with Asia Exchange, Warmadewa University and local entrepreneurs in Bali, Indonesia. The new BBF program is perfect for students who are interested in learning about entrepreneurship and leadership. Bukit Vista is one of the companies taking part in the BBF program – read more about the founder, Jing, from the interview we conducted.

What is Bukit Vista and why did you begin?

“It’s hard to explain because we’re working in a new field”, Jing begins. “But at the essence of it, we’re a property management company based in Bali. We’re improving the experience for both guests and property owners. We help property owners find new quests by optimizing their property for the AirBnB platform, help them with SEO etc. And we help the guests discover new areas and guarantee a certain standard.”

“We also try to add extra value for our guests, bring them to hidden spots, and give them a really local experience. What we do depends on the guest, we try to tailor the experience for them”, Jing says.

Jing is a proud owner of Bukit Vista, which helps property owners to find more guests.

Tell us why you chose to start a business in Bali?

“I was travelling and I met my wife here in 2004. I missed my flight home and never booked a new one. At first, I had no intent on starting a business here. I took on some work in the hospitality business as a temporary job. I was showing off properties and selling luxury villas here in Bali. Then I came in contact with Norwegian students who were looking to rent villas. Because of that my wife, Wayana, and I founded Bukit Vista. We saw an opportunity and decided to seize it”, Jing says.

“I mean if you’re working online from your laptop, why shouldn’t you? Why work in an office or a Starbucks in a city when you can work here on the beach?”

What do you think of Bali for startups and entrepreneurs?

“Bali is really nascent when it comes to startups” Jing says. “I think it’s both a blessing and a curse, the island is capable of attracting world class talent. I mean if you’re working online from your laptop, why shouldn’t you? Why work in an office or a Starbucks in a city when you can work here on the beach?”. Jing continues, “The problem though, is that it’s kind of the same thing as trying to work from your bed. It’s hard not to get distracted.”

Jing with his wife Wayana – the owners of Bukit Vista.

Do you have any thoughts about the BBF program? Why you decided to join the program as a guest lecturer and host?

“I was really impressed by the lineup of companies that are joining as guest lecturers and hosts. As I said before, Bali is nascent when it comes to startups. The community is really spread out, I think this program will help to bring it together, which is great! Creating a culture of entrepreneurship here in Bali will make it a very desirable place to live”, Jingsays.

“When you do step up, good things usually happen”.
Jing, founder of Bukit Vista

Lastly, do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs in Bali or anywhere else?

Jingsmiles and says, “We have a core value at our company which is “Be the hero”. What it means is that there are certain points in life where you have to make a decision, to step back or step up. When you do step up, good things usually happen. It might take you out of your comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. That’s what we call growth!”

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This interview was conducted by our marketing intern Jonas!

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