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Building Careers In Vietnam: “I Could Feel The Momentum Of Economic Growth”


Vietnam is one of the fastest growing countries that has experienced major economic growth in the last few decades. This megalopolis has reduced their poverty rates dramatically by both local and international standards while increasing labor productivity and wages. 

Vietnam has been one of the best surviving countries in the world during the coronavirus outbreak. Despite the current challenges in the global economic environment, the Vietnamese government has set an ambitious economic growth rate target of 5% for this year.

big white building in Vietnam
Despite the current coronavirus situation, Vietnam hasn’t experienced major economic setbacks. Picture by Loifotos


The educated youth are needed and appreciated

There are plenty of career opportunities in Vietnam. Developing industries are requiring new skill sets and production processes. The aging population will demand care services from a shrinking working age population. 

The educated youth are appreciated and needed but only less than 20% of Vietnam’s labor force has more than a secondary education. For this reason, education and training systems have had to be reformed in order to build skills for 21st century jobs. Connecting qualified workers to the right jobs will help creating better jobs for all in the future.

People riding on motorcycles on a busy road in Vietnam. There will be even more job opportunities in Vietnam in the future. Picture by Markus Winkler

Building careers with FTU

The Foreign Trade University (FTU) in Ho Chi Minh City is considered to be one of the most valued and it has been ranked as one of the best universities in Vietnam. FTU offers a variety of courses from study programs on International Business Management, International Finance, Economics, Banking and Logistics. Ho Chi Minh City is also the business hub of Vietnam. 

Japanese student Takahiro Higuma applied to study at the Foreign Trade University because he felt great potential about insurance market of Vietnam since it is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. He worked as a consultant with insurance and mission critical system development at a company called Manulife

The purpose of his study abroad at FTU was to join an internship at a local company in Vietnam.

“In my case, I wanted to study insurance market of Asia. Therefore, before going to Vietnam, I asked the university to participate in an internship. I’m glad I was able to conduct the studies this way”, tells Takahiro.

“As a trend in the global insurance market it is important to strategically enter the Asian market and I could feel the momentum of economic growth in Vietnam.”

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Skyline view of Ho Chi Minh City. Higher education and valuable work experience is appreciated. Picture by Peter Nguyen

Vietnam shows great example

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Vietnam has been able to maintain their economy in control. The country has shown great example on how to handle global threats. The quick and efficient actions the Vietnamese government took during the situation might benefit them and attract potential foreign investors and businesses in the future.

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