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What are Frederikke´s experiences from studying, surfing and wakeboarding in Bali?

Frederikke is a Danish student currently studying at Udayana University in Bali. In Denmark, she is sponsored by SkatePro in wakeboarding, and in Bali, she does what she loves: surfing and wakeboarding. Her plan is to stay in Bali after the semester ends. What are her experiences so far from studying, surfing, and wakeboarding in Bali?

Frederikke is a sponsored wakeboarder in Denmark.

Frederikke is 24 years old and comes from Denmark. She studies business development and innovation at Copenhagen Business School and she is currently studying the international program BIPAS at Udayana University in Bali.

What made you choose Bali?

What made me choose Bali was first of all the weather here, I think it’s amazing to be in the sun all day long. Second of all, I love surfing, and there is a richness of possibilities for doing it here. Also, I wanted to experience something really different from what I’m used to in Denmark.

Balinese culture truly is different in many ways compared to Denmark. Photo By Geio

In Denmark, you are a sponsored wakeboarder. Tell me, Frederikke, how is wakeboarding in Bali?

Wakeboarding in Bali is, I would say, a lot better than in Denmark. Again, the weather is just amazing all day long. Whereas in Denmark you cannot really count on the weather so it’s really nice to know that you can go any day and any time you want. The cable park here is amazing and the people there are really nice too. There are not as many people so you get to go all the time, which is really nice.

You can tell Frederikke knows what she is doing! Photo by Emil

How do you like studying here?

I was only able to take 15 ECTS, which means I already took half my credits home in Denmark. That gives me a lot of free time compared to the other semesters I’ve taken. The teachers here are really nice and they’re good at English and I would say that I enjoy their courses a lot.

What has been the best experience for you so far, Frederikke?

The best experience for me, I think, has just been the overall experience of it all. I’ve learned that I just really love to be in good weather. Also, getting out of your comfort zone, I’ve realized, is what I’ve learned a lot from. For example, I went diving, which was really scary for me at first but when I got into the ocean it was the best thing ever.

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Do you surf too? If yes, what appeals to you about it?

I also surf, yes. What appeals to me, I would say, is being in the moment. I really love that when you are surfing you are not concerned about anything. You are just there in the water focusing on catching as many waves as possible and just having fun. I just really love it.

Frederikke is shredding. There are many possibilities to surf in Bali, year-round. Photo by @neptunosurfph.

What are your plans after the semester?

So, my plan after the semester is to stay in Bali. I am going to write my master thesis and I thought why not just write it here in Bali instead of in Denmark, where it’s cold, dark and boring. Here I can do surfing, wakeboarding and be outside in the sun whenever I’m off from writing.

What is your message for those considering studying in Bali?

If you consider studying in Bali, I would say do it. I mean, there is nothing really to be concerned about. I know for sure that Asia Exchange has been a huge help for me the whole way. Whenever I had a question, they replied super-fast. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Thank you, Frederikke!

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