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What are the top universities in Malaysia to study abroad?

Receiving a college education abroad delivers the perfect chance for international students to gain worldwide perspectives, immerse themselves in new cultures and languages, and boost their chances of success. With the entire world at students’ fingertips, studying abroad in Malaysia seems an obvious choice. After all, Asia boasts one of the largest global economies with booming industries and opportunities for work. Fortunately, international students have several options and plenty to consider when applying to college. Here are the six best universities in Malaysia for international students.

1. Universiti Putra Malaysia

The Universiti of Putra Malaysia is among the top 10 universities worldwide under 50 years old. It is one of the best universities in Malaysia for international students interested in agriculture, food science, biotechnology, computer science, architecture, economics and management, engineering, environmental studies, nursing and many more. In fact, the Universiti Putra Malaysia is ranked place 123 in the QS World Ranking and ranked 42nd for agricultural sciences in U.S. News’s Best Global Universities Rankings. UPM is a public university founded in 1931 and is divided into 16 faculties with around 32 000 students. The university is located in the capital of Kuala Lumpur and is among the elite institutions in the city.

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2. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Malaysia’s largest industry is electronics, which experts project will reach an annual growth rate of 20.26% by 2027 and be worth $2.83 billion in 2022. Therefore, international students pursuing a computer science or engineering degree might want to attend the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Eligibility for admission includes a high school diploma or equivalent, meeting the school’s English proficiency requirements and an interview with a faculty member. Additionally, the school accommodates thousands of students, including those from abroad. Be sure to purchase luggage with ample storage space and collapsable features to save room in a small dorm.

3. Universiti Sains Malaysia

The Universiti Sains Malaysia is located on Penang Island and serves nearly 32,000 students across 60 academic programs and three campuses. Unlike other Malaysian schools, the Universiti Sains Malaysia allows its students to select a minor program of their choice, resulting in unique interdisciplinary studies. The school comprises state-of-the-art facilities and medical research centers and offers students various amenities, such as campus shuttle services and free wireless internet. International students that require financial assistance may apply for multiple scholarships, including the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP). Applicants from the U.S. might also apply for scholarships explicitly reserved for those studying abroad for a semester or longer.

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4. Universiti Malaya

International students usually look forward to attending Universiti Malaya as their first choice for its wide selection of program offerings in the arts, humanities and sciences. Currently, there are about 4,500 international students from 90 countries that attend the school. Applicants must meet the English-speaking eligibility requirements since most courses are taught in English. Malay-taught classes are reserved for Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei international students. Although the Universiti of Malaya doesn’t require U.S. students to take the SATs for admission, consider taking them anyway to demonstrate mastery of critical English writing and reading skills. Since you’ll have to answer each question in under one minute on the SAT Writing and Language Test, you’ll be well-prepared for any entrance exams you must pass.

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International students usually look forward to attending Universiti Malaya as their first choice for its wide selection of program offerings in the arts, humanities, and sciences!

5. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

The first thing you’ll notice walking up to the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is its red brick stairs and dense greenery. Its primary campus is located in the small town of Bangi, and international students can study dentistry, medicine, law, the built environment and more. Living in Malaysia is more cost-effective than in other countries. Naturally, those who live directly in the nearby city of Kuala Lumpur will find it more expensive than Bangi. Students might spend 300 Malaysian ringgit (RM) on groceries and 1,000 to 1,500 RM on housing in Bangi compared to 400 RM on groceries and 1,000 to 2,000 RM onaccommodation in Kuala Lumpur.

6. Universiti Malaysia Pahang

The Universiti Malaysia Pahang is located in Malaysia’s largest eastern peninsular region, where its varied landscapes of mountains, shorelines and rainforests meet vibrant cities and industries. According to, Universiti Malaysia Pahang enrolls about 711 international students out of 8,433. The Universiti Malaysia Pahang offers 34 bachelor’s degrees in its international undergraduate program and boasts a 96% employability rate for its graduates. It is recognized as a world-class technology university. Like all Malaysian schools, you are required to obtain a student visa directly from the Malaysian government before attending. Students must also complete a comprehensive health examination to certify they’re free of infectious diseases.

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Learn From the Best Universities in Malaysia

The best Malaysian universities offer superior programs and real-world experiences for international students. They are often led by diverse faculty and staff from around the world. Students will gain more than just a degree when they attend college in Malaysia. When deciding on the ideal school and program, you must consider whatever field you hope to pursue and what each facility can offer. You can rest assured that universities that cater to international students and provide top-notch global teaching perspectives and innovation will be most conducive to your overall learning. Choose your school wisely and make the right choice for your future.

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Malaysia is a top study abroad destination due to its excellent higher education and a rich culture!

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