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Which place in Bali suits you the best?

Are you going to Bali, but you have no idea where to stay yet? Picking a location can be challenging, and the areas are quite different from each other. Let us make life easier for you. Here is our ultimate guide to the most popular areas where you can stay as an exchange student during your time in paradise.

Main South

Watch the breathtaking sunset after a hard surf session. Photo by Hakan Nural

The long black sand beach strip from the south along the west coast from the airport up to Tanah Lot is one of the most popular places to stay on the island. The area is known for great parties, good surf and amazing sunsets.


Get ready for the weekend and enjoy the party life of Kuta. Photo by Vishnu R Nair

During these last years, Kuta has gotten a bad reputation as being the party central of the island. This area is full of bars, nightclubs and small shops. There are plenty of accommodation options here, such as homestays and smaller hotels, for good prices. In Kuta, you can also find bigger shopping malls such as Beachwalk and Discovery mall.


Seminyak Beach is the perfect spot to gather with your friends and relax. Photo by Mrsvickyaltaie

One of the most popular areas to stay at for students is Seminyak. It is the home of the most fashionable boutiques, fine restaurants, and luxurious villas. The prices are a bit higher in this area than others because of its good location. The surfing is great for beginners and you have plenty of bars and clubs to choose from if you like to go out during the night. In Seminyak, you can get the best of everything in the same place: sun, shopping, and good food. If you are the kind of person who likes lots of things happening around you, Seminyak is perfect.


You can eat the most delicious açai bowls in Canggu. Photo by Alex Block

The mecca for hipsters. If you love healthy food, yoga, surfing and a bustling nightlife then Canggu is the place to be. There is always something going on here: skate competitions, beer pong tournaments or flea markets. It is very common for students to rent a villa together and in this area, there is plenty available for good prices. The negative side is that this area is approximately one hour drive to Udayana University and around 30-40 minutes to Warmadewa University.

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Who wouldn’t want to live in this in this beautiful area? Photo by Alice Karolina Smith

Kerobokan is located inland and surrounded by beautiful rice fields. This is a more quiet place with many local people. There are plenty of stunning villas available. It’s only a 10 minutes’ drive from the busier areas Canggu and Seminyak. You can still find a range of nice cafés and restaurants around the area and also some popular spas.


Jimbaran is the place to be if you want to see Hindu rituals on a daily basis. Photo by Artem Bali

The bay is located just south of the airport and offer amazing sunsets and is famous for delicious grilled seafood. During nighttime, the area is very quiet. Jimbaran remains very attached to local traditions, especially when it comes to religious activities. Jimbaran is also where the Udayana campus is located and if you like to have walking distance to school then this area is perfect.


Are you a surfing freak? Then the very south is where you should live! Photo by Teddy Kelley

The very south of Bali is Perfect if you love to surf and want to be close to the best surf spots in Bali. Many beautiful villas and homestays are also available in this area for affordable prices.

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Imagine waking up with this incredible sunrise in Sanur. Photo by Chema Photo

The east coast is known for its diving and quiet beaches. Sanur is located only a 10 minutes’ drive from Warmadewa University. You can find plenty of relaxed restaurants here and during night time there are plenty of bars with live bands. On this side of the island, there are no waves which makes it perfect for swimming. The prices for accommodation are lower in this area and there are many homestays available. To use a motorbike-taxi to Warmadewa University will only cost you 1 euro if you don´t drive your own scooter.


Denpasar is the best place to get in touch with the Balinese locals. Photo by Arnoldus

The capital of Bali. If you want to live among locals or with a host family then this area is perfect for you. The prices are lower than in other parts of Bali, there are many museums and monuments from the Dutch colonial period in the area and there are plenty of public events regularly in the city.

Fall in love with the Balinese culture and make the most out of your time off from school on this amazing island.

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