Hankuk university in seoul

Barbara in Seoul (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)

“I was every day amazed at the hospitality and friendliness of Korean students”

Asia Exchange student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Barbara studied abroad at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea. She comes originally from Croatia and studied at the University of Zagreb. Read her story below

Landing in South Korea

Coming to Korea, I didn’t really know what to expect. You hardly ever do when going to a new place but with Korea this was especially true just because I didn’t know very much about it before I came. Well, any doubts or apprehensions I might have had were dissolved the very second the ISO staff picked me up from the bus (Fred and Muni, thank you!).

And from that very first meeting all through the next four months of my stay I was every day amazed at the hospitality and friendliness of Korean students (and Korean people in general). Seoul itself was a very comfortable, interesting and easy experience and Hankuk University is a very good representative of the entire mentality as it combines all these traits.

Seoul city view in winter

Studies at Hankuk University

Studying at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was no different than studying anywhere else in Europe or in the US as the staff includes a huge number of foreign professors so, even for those who don’t speak Korean (like me) there is no shortage of interesting classes to choose from.

I enjoyed my time in Seoul a lot and would recommend it to anyone looking for the experience of studying abroad!!

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