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Traveling to Bali is now possible for international students

Bali is rapidly opening, and the quarantine is now only three days. Finally, the first international students arrived since COVID-19. That is why Asia Exchange warmly welcomed them with a pool party in Canggu! The high spirits and relaxed vibes reflected the current atmosphere in Bali and the positive outlook for the future. Bali universities expect to open their campuses soon. Asia Exchange is optimistic and believes that the following semester’s courses will be held on campus.

Information for international students

Bali is getting back to a new normal, and the vibes are positive due to reduced restrictions. Domestic tourism is on the rise, and international tourists have started to enter the island. The island is slowly but surely blooming again, and the streets are getting more lively. However, currently, the campuses of the universities are still closed. But the BIPAS program staff found a fantastic solution to spend some time with the students. The university provided excursions to some traditional sites where students could learn about Balinese culture. In addition to the tours, the university also organized a cooking class, and students learned to cook local Balinese cuisine. They were guided by the teachers of BIPAS and some of the best chefs on the island! After the cooking class, all the students had a happy feast.

The cooking class was held in a resort in Ubud, a dreamy village with mystical waterfalls in the middle of the jungle. It had a very chill vibe. What’s more, the university filmed the entire cooking class. Students who couldn’t attend the cooking class that day can still learn about making traditional Indonesian food by watching it online. Although the courses are online, our students did not lack social interaction or exploration and were able to experience and enjoy their time in Bali.

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Our students in Bali

the students in Bali enjoyed the pool at Alternative Beach in Canggu
The incoming Bali students enjoyed the pool time at Alternative Beach in Canggu.

More than 20 of Asia Exchange’s international students arrived in Bali this autumn semester from these various nationalities, including Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland. We welcomed our students at Alternative Beach, a Day club in the centre of the hottest area in Bali, Canggu. Asia Exchange’s friend and Business Partner, Frank, welcomed the team and students. He reserved the whole restaurant just for the student get-together! Asia Exchange was delighted to treat the students. The team members spent time with the Bali students while following the existing social distancing rules.

During the event, students told how happy and excited they were to be in Bali. Most of them had planned to come to Bali much earlier but postponed it due to the previous travel restrictions. Overall, students are grateful for the continuous support from the Asia Exchange team, who are always ready to help them before they leave their home countries and during their time in Bali.

While the locals in Bali are relieved to welcome internationals again, incoming students are more than excited to finally be on the island of gods. Aino Ida Karoliina from Finland for example said: “The decision to study in Bali with Asia Exchange has turned my dream of living the Island life into a reality. Sunny days, happy people, beautiful nature, and delicious food. These are some of the simple things I love in my everyday life here!

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team students meeting lunch party balu university
The Asia Exchange team was happy to welcome all international students in Bali

Check out Bali university pages, Warmadewa University and Udayana university for more information.

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