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BaliTubes will host the Bali Business Foundation (BBF) Program

BaliTubes is one of the selected few successful companies who will give out a lecture on how to master the art of entrepreneurship and leadership to our students joining the Bali Business Foundation Program. Let´s get to know BaliTubes a bit more..

Hello Eduardo, can you please tell us who you are..

My name is Eduardo Cabello and I come from Spain. I´m 44 years old and I came to Bali 7 years ago. I visited the island several times before to surf and relax but then I decided to stay for a longer time and pursue my entrepreneurial dreams.

Eduardo is living in Bali with his family since 7 years back. Photo by Balitubes /  CC BY

What is BaliTubes and why did you begin?

BaliTubes is a surf company that offers everything from renting boards to surf lessons. We also repair dings. In our shop, you can find all the material you need for your board.

BaliTubes has everything you need to get your surf career up and running.  Photo by Eduardo /  CC BY

Tell us why you chose to start a business in Bali?

I think this island is a great place to start your own business. It is developing very fast but still, there are many untouched markets where you can develop your business idea. I´m also very intrigued to have my own business because I hate to work for other people. Plus, to find a job here where you get a good salary is hard. So, I think to have your own business is the best option if you want to settle down for a long time in Bali.

What do you think of Bali for startups and entrepreneurs?

It is probably one of the best places in the world to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams because it is cheap! So, it is not too much to lose if your business does not work.

Do you have any thoughts about the BBF program? Why did you decide to join the program as a guest lecturer and host?

It’s a great program and very important for young students to be involved in. This program helps them to discover that they have many great opportunities to become successful in not only Bali but everywhere in the world.

Lastly, do you have any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs in Bali or anywhere else?

Trust your gut feeling and follow your heart. Learn and take advice from others who have a lot of experience with starting up a business. Don’t be scared to take risks and remember to get back on your feet if you fall. So, do not under any circumstances give up.

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This interview was conducted by our Digital Marketing Coordinator Fabian!