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The semester in Bali started

Bali is back on campus! In the last two weeks, Asia Exchange welcomed around 200 students for their semester here in Bali, at Warmadewa University and Udayana University. This is the first time in two years that students are back on campus, because of the pandemic restrictions. This semester, all students will be able to take offline classes and workshops and go on excursions. We are excited for the new semester and all the events waiting for our students.

Bali is back, semester in Bali started
During lunch break the Asia Exchange students enjoyed Indonesian food at the Warmadewa University

Bali is back: Opening ceremony Warmadewa University

The semester at Warmadewa University officially started on Monday, August 29th, with the opening ceremony on the Warmadewa campus here in Bali. The Asia Exchange and Warmadewa University staff welcomed the new international students for this semester in Denpasar’s new campus building, close to Sanur’s beaches. The event was opened by three local students in beautiful costumes who performed the traditional Balinese dance. The university’s Dean Pak Kardana opened the ceremony by welcoming everyone officially to the autumn semester of 2022. followed by Hannes Borgwardt, representing Asia Exchange, encouraging the students to make the most of their time in Bali. Later during the event, around 90 new exchange students had the chance to learn the basics of Indonesian culture and connect over lunch with delicious Indonesian food. A mix of 14 countries will be studying at Warmadewa University for the next four months, and we are very excited to be part of their journey.

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Opening ceremony Udayana University

The second opening ceremony at Udayana University Campus in Denpasar was held on Monday, September 5th. Our Asia Exchange team and the University staff welcomed more than 110 students from 9 nationalities for the autumn semester of 2022. The students gathered in a beautiful hall with traditional paintings on the roof for the ceremony. The ceremony also started with a traditional Balinese dance, and the BIPAS staff (Bali International Program on Asian Studies) welcomed the new exchange students. Afterward, Hannes Borgwardt wished all students the most fantastic time in Bali in the name of Asia Exchange. He gave the new students insights into the previous exchange experience of Asia Exchange students and staff in Indonesia.

After a coffee break, Asia Exchange gave the token of responsibility to the Udayana University, which represents that the university accepts to take over the responsibility for the students with regards to academical matters. Nonetheless, Asia Exchange will support the students during their whole study abroad experience. The event was packed with fun videos about Bali, speeches about the Balinese language and culture, and safety and health measures. All students enjoyed a traditional lunch together where they shared their first impressions of Bali and discussed future plans.

Bali is back: Kick-off Party

Asia Exchange invited all students from all Bali programs to a kick-off party at Alternative Beach in Canggu like every semester start in Bali. The students filled up the beach club, and it was a lot of fun having everybody around. The students shared drinks, food and good conversations. And maybe some life long friendships just started during the party! Even a little rain could not kill the mood. During the event, students said how grateful and excited they were to be in Bali after the travel restrictions are finally over! They

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Bali is back: Kick-off Party
Kick off party for the semester in bali at Alternative Beach


All in all, the opening ceremonies and orientation days were special this semester in Bali. After everything that wasn’t possible over the last two years because of the pandemic everyone is more than excited. Finally, students are back on campus, go on field trips, and learn more about Indonesian culture in hands on workshops. In addition, Asia Exchange celebrated the start of the semester with our traditional Kick-off Party for all our students. Connecting with the students and having fun together made this event special. Again, welcome to Bali to all our students, and we hope you will make the best out of your exchange experience.

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