Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree at Hanyang University in South Korea

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Asia Exchange has launched a new Bachelor’s Degree Program in South Korea

Asia Exchange presents the Bachelor’s Degree program in South Korea, focusing on Economics or Business Administration at Hanyang University. Embark on a life-changing adventure where your dreams of studying abroad seamlessly blend with expert guidance, comprehensive support, and exclusive scholarships. In this blog post, we welcome you to discover the amazing opportunities that await you in South Korea! Get a sneak peek into the lively academic and cultural journey that comes with earning your Bachelor’s Degree at Hanyang University through Asia Exchange.

Overview of the Bachelor’s Degree at Hanyang University

Embark on a transformative academic journey with Hanyang University’s Bachelor’s Degree program in Economics or Business Administration. The Hanyang University is ranked 24th in the Asian University Rankings. The program spans four years and caters to undergraduate students seeking a robust educational foundation. The curriculum is designed to provide a holistic learning experience, combining traditional lectures, interactive assignments, and diverse teaching methods tailored to the requirements of specific courses. The program offers in-depth insights into Economics and Business Administration, allowing students to explore various facets of these disciplines. This undergraduate program offers a life-changing academic journey for international students in South Korea. The academic year is divided into two semesters – Spring (March to June) and Autumn (September to December).

Application Process for your Bachelor’s Degree in South Korea as International Student

Firstly, certain requirements must be met in order to study in South Korea. To apply for the Full Degree in South Korea, you should:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have graduated from high school or be expecting to graduate
  • Possess adequate English skills
  • Neither of your biological parents nor current legal guardians should have Korean nationality
  • Be from Europe or an English-speaking country
  • If the student or their parents have Korean nationality or dual citizenship (including Korean), the student needs to apply as a “citizen outside or foreigner” during admissions at HYU

If these requirements are all met, you can begin the simple application process with Asia Exchange. For the application process, you need to prepare all the required documents like your official or expected High School graduation certificate, a copy of your passport’s identification, etc. You can find the whole list of required documents here on our website. If you have all the documents gathered, you can complete and submit the online application form. After that, your application will be reviewed, and you can expect to receive confirmation of your study placement within one week, often as quickly as within a day. In addition to applying through Asia Exchange, you will need to submit an application via Hanyang University’s dedicated application portal. The portal will be accessible during the specified application periods, and Asia Exchange will guide you through the process.

Apply through Asia Exchange and benefit from an exclusive scholarship

If you wonder why you should apply through Asia Exchange to study abroad in South Korea, there are various reasons. For instance, the dedicated support of a team of experts from start to end and the Asia Exchange scholarship. When you apply through Asia Exchange, your first tuition fee payment is only EUR 2,490 for Europeans and USD 3,500 for non-Europeans. Compared to regular KRW 6,270,000/ semester, equaling around EUR 4,450 EUR or USD 4,800, Asia Exchange grants a scholarship worth an average of EUR 1960 / USD 1300 for all successful full-degree applicants during their first semester. This guarantees applying through Asia Exchange is cheaper than submitting a direct application and enables international students to have a smooth start to their studies abroad in South Korea. Therefore, you will pay your first tuition fee to Asia Exchange.

Why A full-time Bachelor’s Degree in South Korea?

Our Bachelor’s degree programs in Economics and Business Administration at Hanyang University open the door to a world-class educational institution in South Korea. With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, and special rates for Asia Exchange students, this program offers a unique, affordable, and easy opportunity for aspiring undergraduate students. By studying abroad for 4 years, international students have the chance to truly immerlse themselves in the Korean culture and set the basis for a successfull career. You will aquire valuable international competences which are highly requested in the job markets of today. Pursue your academic goals while having the time of your life in one of Asia’s most fascinating cultures.

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Student experience in South Korea

Our Student, Someya from Sweden, moved to South Korea at the beginning of 2021 to begin her full-time studies in Seoul. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and has only been to Korea once before. One of the things she likes the most about living abroad in Seoul is that there’s always something new to see. When she decided to study in Seoul, she just wanted to experience something completely different. Even though Someya has lived there for so long, she always finds something new to explore. This variety makes it so exciting to live in Seoul.

Furthermore, Someya really loves the culture because of the vibrancy and the people who are very welcoming. “I feel like everyone is friendly and courteous so far. Koreans will try to talk to you even though there’s a language barrier. And they will do their best to help.” She expected the culture and the language barrier to be much harder to overcome and to immerse in. But all in all, everything has gone way smoother than she thought it would. Living abroad in Seoul has exceeded her expectations.

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