Asia Exchange visits Universiti Putra Malaysia

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Haizel and Nadira visited Universiti Putra Malaysia and our students!

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Our Asia Exchange staff visited our partner university and exchange students in Malaysia. Nadira and Haizel are AE Malaysia coordinators. Finally, after the pandemic, they could meet our partners and students and see the campus of the Universiti Putra Malaysia! The University is ranked as the number one international University in Malaysia and is known for its wide selection of classes in 18+ fields of study. Moreover, UPM is a nodal point for international students from around the globe. So it’s no surprise that UPM is one of our students’ most popular study abroad choices.

Malaysia overall impression

It was the first time our Malaysia coordinators, Nadira and Haizel, visited Malaysia. They had a great time and came back as big Malaysia fans. The most impressive thing both noticed was how diverse the society in Kuala Lumpur is. People from different ethnicities, languages, religions, and cultures come together without judgment. In addition to that, the city structure itself is diverse too. Between modern infrastructure and buildings, you can also visit historical places like the central market or the famous Batu caves. As for the nightlife in Kuala Lumpur, the party happens.

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UPM campus

When first arriving on the campus, the feeling was a bit overwhelming because it was enormous. The Campus facilities include a park, lake, and even horses. No wonder it is considered the greenest campus in Malaysia. In the past, the main campus was only the campus of Agriculture. Meanwhile, today, the campus holds 15 faculties students can choose from. The campus forms an outstanding balance between an academic- and relaxing environment.

Experience with students in Malaysia

During the week and the weekend, Nadira and Haizel took a trip to the Batu Caves with Asia Exchanges students. The public only discovered the limestone caves in 1878, but they became one of Kuala Lumpur’s most famous landmarks. To get to the caves and shrines, you have to climb 272 stairs. From there, you have a great view of the nature around the caves and of the 43 high golden statues right in front of the stairs.

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UPM international staff, Asia Exchange Coordinators and the international students visited the Batu Caves


The time in Malaysia was a great time to connect with the students on a more personal level. In addition, the students were happy to meet the Asia Exchange staff in person to finally see the face behind the email. Experiencing Malaysia in person will make it easier for Asia Exchanges coordinators to assist our future exchange students with anything they might have on their minds. We can’t wait to meet more exchange students on future trips.

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