Cooperation with INOMICS

Asia Exchange starts- ‘cooperation with INOMICS’

We at Asia Exchange are constantly looking for growth, networking, and expanding our operations. The latest cooperation launched is with INOMICS, who are an international service for students, researchers and professionals in economics, business and finance. Read on for the official news release.

Cooperation with INOMICS

Asia Exchange launches cooperation with INOMICS 

Asia Exchange has reached new targets in 2016 by continuing fast growth and attracting a record number of outgoing students to Asian universities.

To support its global networks and rapid internationalization, Asia Exchange has launched a cooperation with Berlin-based INOMICS, an international service for people in economics, business and finance.

We are delighted to establish a cooperation with INOMICS. Europe is a very important market for us, while INOMICS is a renowned and distinguished player in the area, says Tuomas Kauppinen, Academic Director of Asia Exchange.

They have impressive international networks and operate in the fields of economics and finance; in which we have a strong presence in Asian universities, he continues.

Andreas Hoffman, Managing Director of INOMICS is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration.

We are committed to help students make the best possible choices for their educational career and Asia Exchange is an ideal partner to fulfill on this promise, Hoffman says.

“We are looking forward to offering more interesting study opportunities in Asia to our students.”

Asia Exchange is the world’s biggest study abroad company focusing in Asia. Since 2007, Asia Exchange has helped more than 3500 students from 350 universities and 45 countries to study in Asian universities. Nine high-quality partner universities are located in South Korea (Seoul), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), China (Shanghai), Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket) and Indonesia (Bali). 

 INOMICS is an international service for students, researchers and professionals in economics, business and finance. On the INOMICS website, people can search for conferences, jobs, study programs, short courses, funding and resources to advance in their careers. The extensive INOMICS international network includes many high-ranking academic and professional economists and institutions.


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