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“Bali is a heartwarming mix of Southeast Asian and Hindu culture together with Australian surf mentality.”

Anke studied abroad at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia during autumn 2013. She comes originally from Germany and studies at the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. Read her report below.

Bali is amazing. Balinese culture is so friendly and open-minded that it is easy to feel welcome and at home here. People are very friendly and supportive if you have any questions.

black sand beach in bali during sunrise

Asia Exchange students study at the Udayana University campus located in Bukit, Jimbaran, which is a very calm and green area. The main campus is in Denpasar, the capital. Denpasar is much busier and hotter. In Jimbaran, the wind makes it nice and chilly and some awesome beaches and surf spots are just close by.

The university staff is very friendly and helpful and interns from Asia Exchange are always around. We have classes from Monday till Wednesday and on Thursday we attend workshops and excursions. So far, we have learned how to make traditional ornaments, as well as been to the market to buy Balinese dresses and taken trips to temples and a cooperating orphanage.

Bali students accommodation

Living in Bali is very cheap in comparison to Europe. Local food is on average one euro per plate. Accommodation can be found quite easily and people live in nice big villas with pools and security, or maids, for 300-400 euros per room. It is also possible, though, to have a perfectly nice room in a “Kos” for 160 euros per month. All in all, I am already very happy about my decision to spend a semester here and I like the fact that Asia Exchange organizes a lot of interesting events and helps in daily matters, such as the visa extension.

Bali is a heartwarming mix of Southeast Asian and Hindu culture together with Australian surf mentality. It is not easy to compare to European lifestyle but to me, it has been just a little bit slower and therefore nicer here.

Girl holding a baby in Bali

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Table of Contents

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