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Karoliina is doing an internship while studying in Bali.

Karoliina Rehnberg is a Finnish exchange student at Udayana University in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia. She has been several times to Bali and is currently studying and doing an internship for another Finnish company, Asenne Surf. She is a snowboarder (and skateboarder) in Finland, and while in Bali, surfing is obviously a board sport for her. Here are Karoliina’s views on living in Bali.

A returning visitor, “I have been to Bali quite a few times”. Photo by Emil

Could you introduce yourself, please.

My name is Karoliina Rehnberg and I’m 25 years old. I come from Oulu, Finland where I study computer science at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. At the moment I am studying at Udayana University in Bali and simultaneously doing an internship for Asenne Surf company, also here in Bali. During winter I snowboard, during summer I skate in Finland, and during autumn I tend to come here!

What made you choose Bali?

I have been to Bali quite a few times so it’s familiar and easy to come. I love the culture and friendliness of the people, and over times I’ve made local friends too, which whom I like to spend time with. And it’s warm. I know some people from Asenne Surf and they were looking for interns here, so I thought to myself “I suppose that would be for me”, and so I applied.

“Bali-psychosis”, a term she uses to describe her relationship with the island. Photo by Karoliina

How does doing an internship while studying work out for you?

It goes rather good, I came here a bit earlier to start the internship and I have only three days a week of school so I’m working on Thursday and Friday. That gives me also enough time of to see friends and do other stuff I want.

What kind of stuff for example?

Well, I like to do a lot of stuff with my friends. As I’ve been here often I’ve made local friends too so it’s nice to hang out with them. And then, of course, I’ve made friends at Uni whom I hang out with too. Then I go surfing and to the gym to rehabilitate my knee, which I messed up snowboarding.

Karoliina is doing an internship for Asenne Surf Co. while studying at UNUD. Photo by Karoliina

How has surfing become a part of your life?

I haven’t surfed that much before because I’ve always had some injuries from snowboarding when I’ve been here, I’ve mainly come here to rehabilitate them. At the moment my knee is injured but I can still go surf, which is really nice because it allows me to do something that gives me similar feelings to skating or snowboarding. It gives me a good feeling that I can do every day something that is important for me.

“so many different places to see and visit”. Photo by Karoliina

What are your plans after the semester?

I will stay here to finish my internship, or the hours that are required for completion. I planned also to write my thesis here but haven’t really started it because I’m studying and doing an internship. So I will stay here towards the end of January and then go back to Finland to school and to snowboard as much as possible. And if my knee is alright I’ll try to film some street and park stuff.

When can we expect to see that?

Haha, yeah I don’t know. I already have some material and a part ready. I’m not sure where to put it though. Something will come out for sure at some point. (She published it in December on YouTube)

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You should film some surfing too and add that!

Yeah, it could really be like a board sport film haha.

For whom would you recommend Bali, and why?

Well um, basically for anyone, there’s so much stuff to do here for everyone, so many different places to see and visit. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to see something different than what we are used to in Europe. You can really gain new perspectives here and maybe learn to look at your own life in different ways and realize that maybe things aren’t so bad, and to be happy with everyday things in life that you take for granted. So yeah, for those reasons.

What would you like to add?

Just come to Bali and set your Bali-psychosis on fire! Once you come here you cannot leave. [you can but you’ll always come back]

Check out more stuff from Karoliina on her Instagram: @karolinarehnberg and vimeo:

Edit: Karoliina has published her season 18-19 edit in YouTube

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This interview was conducted by our marketing intern, Emil!

Table of Contents

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