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AE team is growing!

Last week we received extra hands to help us when Eeva quit her nursing job in Finland and joined our Bali crew!

Eeva studied in Bali last year and thereafter continued her stay and worked as an intern for AE. From next week on Adrian is also changing scenery and leaving Germany’s cold weather behind. He will be joining our team in the tropical climate. Read their stories from below.

Eeva – A nurse who will beat you at Rugby

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In addition to being a nurse, Eeva is also a cultural student in Finland finishing her master’s studies this year. When Harri asked her to join the Bali team at the end of the year, she didn’t hesitate with her decision. This matched perfectly her plans to write her master’s thesis about expatriates. She divides her time between working in the office and collecting source material for the thesis. From when I saw what an achiever Eeva totally is, I am sure she will manage this without any problems at all.

Unfortunately Bali’s community cannot enjoy Eeva’s presence for long as her time here is limited. In the beginning of 2016 she will start her new job in London! This new English environment suits her very well as Eeva is – believe it or not – also an enthusiastic rugby player! She is permanently training here too in Bali.

Adrian – German spiced punctuality with laid-back lifestyle

Extrovert Adrian comes from southern Germany, a city called Freiburg. He is currently finishing his studies in business administration and engineering. He is only missing an internship for his degree.

Bali called for Adrian when he fall in love with surfing. He is already an experienced wind surfer and now wants to trade his board for the lighter version. When Adrian is not spending his leisure time on the ocean, he might be playing football as any enthusiastic German person would do!

Adrian will be a huge help to AE since he is spending both semesters in Bali! According to him, he also loves to get lost in new different cultures and believes that Bali is a huge inspiration for him. He has travelled to Vietnam before so South East Asia is not totally new ground for this social guy!


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