Accommodation in South Korea for international students at HUFS

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Accommodation at HUFS

Exchange students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) can choose among different possibilities for accommodation in South Korea, on or off campus. Every student can also decide for themselves depending on their living preferences. South Korea offers a lot of living options for exchange students. You have to find the right one for you.

Globee Dorm South Korea

Our former student Giulia studied in South Korea at HUFS and chose the Globee dorm right on campus for accommodations in South Korea. “It was the cheapest option for me,” and that is true. Living in Globee Dorm is generally the cheapest and closest option on campus. However, there are a few advantages. If you choose to live in a dorm, you will share a room with a roommate. The rooms can be a bit small for two people, but if you get along with your roommate, things get much more manageable. “To be honest, the rooms are not always the same, and you get lucky with your room.” That’s what Giulia told us because she got pretty lucky with her room. In addition to that, in contrast to other accommodations, the Globee Dorm has rules you must follow. Probably the most hated one is the curfew during the week, where you must be home by midnight from Monday to Thursday. Giulia told us she didn’t mind because you can apply to sleep out 16 nights per semester. However, something she missed during her semester was a kitchen. Sharing the washing machine or the bathroom was no problem, but “the only thing we had was a microwave.” Looking back, other options might have been better, but living on campus for a low price in South Korea convinced her to do it again, she told Asia Exchange.

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International House

International House B or C is the dorm that most exchange students choose for accommodation in South Korea. Asia Exchange’s former student Gamze studied abroad in Seoul at HUFS and lives in International House B. She said, “One of the main reasons I chose International House was that it didn’t have a curfew,” so you can come and go whenever you want. Among the reasons for choosing this dorm were the available kitchen and washing machine. The rooms might be a bit small, but you get used to it quickly, and the bunk beds give you more privacy. Gamze got along great with her roommate, so sharing a room was no problem, and “even if you had problems, the house managers were there to help you.” You can contact them quickly over text if you need help. Overall, Gamze had an excellent experience in her dorm and with the people, she met there.

Shared Houses in South Korea

Another top-rated type of accommodation in South Korea for exchange students is shared housing. The good thing about shared houses is that they are spread throughout Seoul. “It does give dorm vibes, but without all the rules,” said Steffi, a current exchange student at HUFS in Seoul. She came to Seoul without any accommodations. “I thought that was how you did it.” The good thing about shared houses is that you have a significant number of choices and, therefore, a fast way to find a place to stay. Steffi sat down in a Starbucks one day and found her accommodations on the website Come and Stay in only a day. Shared houses or “come and stays” consist of multiple rooms in one place. Depending on your shared home, you might have to share your room. Steffi has her own room in an all-female shared house. “It is small, but enough,” she told Asia Exchange. Though not all shared houses have a gender restriction, it might be more comfortable for residents to choose. Steffi enjoys the location of her accommodation near Namsan Tower, as well as her roommates and room.

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Air BnB

Airbnb is considered the most expensive accommodation in South Korea, but it gives you the most privacy and freedom. However, you should book a place with Airbnb as soon as possible since tourists mainly use it in South Korea.


What accommodation you choose mostly depends on your budget and general lifestyle. Moreover, depending on your accommodation choice, you need to take care of it before your semester. You must hand in the dorm application a few months before the semester starts. All the other accommodations are not tied to any time schedule, and you can take your time to find the right one for you.

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