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A Year of Holidays

While in some of the Asian countries, especially in the Northern ones, people are know for working long hours and weeks, in Asia there are way more than a few public holidays. This will affect the work routine as well as the life of university students. 

We have created a list that showcases all of the dates that are considered public holidays in 2017 in the countries that Asia Exchange currently has partner universities in (South-Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia). Many of these dates are holidays in more than just one country, but we will mention just one of the countries for each holiday. Should you choose to work as little as possible this year, just follow this list and jump from country to another to get the most out of the public holidays!

Jan 1                           New Year’s Day                                  (Indonesia)

Jan 2                           New Year’s Holiday                            (Indonesia)

Jan 3                           New Year’s Holiday                            (Thailand)

Jan 9                           Coming of Age Day                            (Japan)

Jan 12                         Mourning in Sarawak                         (Malaysia)

Jan 14                         B.D of Sultan of Negeri Sembilan     (Malaysia)

Jan 15                         B.D of Sultan of Kedah                      (Malaysia)

Jan 27                         Chinese New Year Eve                       (China)

Jan 28                         Chinese New Year                              (Most Asian countries)

Jan 29                         Chinese New Year Holiday                (China, Malaysia..)

Jan 30                         Chinese New Year Holiday                (China)

Jan 31                         Chinese New Year Holiday                (China)

Feb 1                          Federal Territory Day                        (Malaysia)

Feb 2                          Chinese New Year Holiday               (China)

Feb 9                          Thaipusam                                          (Malaysia)

Feb 11                        Makha Bucha Day                             (Thailand)

Feb 13                        Makha Bucha Day (observed)          (Thailand)

Feb 19                        Public Holiday, Kelantan                   (Malaysia)

Mar 1                       March 1st Movement                           (South-Korea)

Mar 4                       Public Holiday in Terengganu              (Malaysia)

Mar 8                       Women’s Day                                        (China)

Mar 20                     Vernal Equinox Day                              (Japan)

Mar 23                     B.D. of Sultan of Johor                        (Malaysia)

Mar 28                     Bali Hindu New Year                            (Indonesia)

Apr 2                           Ching Ming Holiday                           (China)

Apr 3                           Ching Ming Holiday                           (China)

Apr 4                           Ching Ming Holiday                           (China)

Apr 6                           Chakri Day                                         (Thailand)

Apr 13                         Songkran (Thai New Year)                (Thailand)

Apr 14                         Good Friday                                       (Indonesia)

Apr 15                         Songkran                                            (Thailand)

Apr 16                          Easter Sunday                                   (Indonesia)

Apr 19                          Voting Day                                         (Indonesia)

Apr 24                          Isra Mi-raj                                          (Indonesia)

Apr 29                          Showa Day                                         (Japan)

A Year of Holidays On April 13 – Thailand celebrates Songkran Festival

May 1                         Labour Day                                        (Indonesia)

May 3                         Constitution Memorial Day             (Japan)

May 4                         Greenery Day                                    (Japan)

May 5                         Children’s Day                                   (Japan)

May 9                         Presidental Election Day                  (South-Korea)

May 10                       Visakha Bucha Day                           (Thailand)

May 11                       Waisak Day                                        (Indonesia)

May 12                       Royal Ploughing Ceremony              (Thailand)

May 25                       Ascension Day of Jesus Christ         (Indonesia)

May 28                       Dragon Boat Festival Holiday           (China)

May 29                       Dragon Boat Festival Holiday           (China)

May 30                       Harvest Day                                       (Malaysia)

Jun 1                           Pancasila Day                                      (Indonesia)

Jun 6                           Memorial Day                                      (South-Korea)

Jun 25                         Hari Raya Idul Fitri                              (Indonesia)

Jun 26                         Lebaran Holiday                                  (Indonesia)

Jun 27                         Lebaran Holiday                                  (Indonesia)

Jun 28                         Lebaran Holiday                                  (Indonesia)

Jun 29                         Lebaran Holiday                                  (Indonesia)

Jun 30                         Lebaran Holiday                                  (Indonesia)

Jul 8                            Asahna Bucha Day                            (Thailand)

Jul 10                          Asahna Bucha Day (observed)         (Thailand)

Jul 11                          Buddhist Lent                                    (Thailand)

Jul 17                          Marine Day                                        (Japan)

Jul 28                          H.M. King’s Birthday                         (Thailand)

Aug 11                        Mountain Day                                     (Japan)

Aug 12                        Mother’s Day                                      (Thailand)

Aug 14                        H.M. Queen’s Birthday                      (Thailand)

Aug 15                        Liberation Day                                    (South-Korea)

Aug 17                        Independence Day                             (Indonesia)

Aug 31                        National Day                                       (Malaysia)

Sep 1                           Idul Adha                                             (Indonesia)

Sep 16                         Malaysia Day                                      (Malaysia)

Sep 18                         Respect of the Aged Day                   (Japan)

Sep 21                         Islamic New Year                                (Indonesia)

Sep 22                         Awal Muharram                                  (Indonesia)

Oct 1                           National Day                                      (China)

Oct 2                           National Day Holiday                        (China)

Oct 3                           National Day Holiday                        (China)

Oct 4                           Mid Autumn Festival                         (China)

Oct 5                           National Day Holiday                        (China)

Oct 6                           National Day Holiday                        (China)

Oct 9                           Health-Sports Day                             (Japan)

Oct 13                         Day of the death of King Bhumimol (Thailand)

Oct 23                         Chulalongkorn Day                           (Thailand)

Oct 26                         Royal Cremation / Public Holiday   (Thailand)

Oct 28                         Chung Yeung Festival                       (China)

Nov 3                          Culture Day                                        (Japan)

Nov 23                        Labout Thanksgiving Day                 (Japan)

Dec 1                          Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday       (Indonesia)

Dec 5                          Father’s Day                                       (Thailand)

Dec 11                        Constitution Day                               (Thailand)

Dec 20                        Presidential Election Day                 (South-Korea)

Dec 23                        Emperors Birthday                            (Japan)

Dec 25                        Christmas Day                                   (Indonesia)

Dec 26                        Christmas Holiday                             (Indonesia)

Dec 31                        New Year’s Eve                                  (Thailand)

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