8 Tips On How To Prevent Or Deal With Culture Shock

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These are the best tips to prevent or deal with culture shock

Most of the time, studying and living in Asia is a great way to improve your life because of all the new educational and cultural experiences and exciting challenges. Sometimes the challenges and cultural differences can become overwhelming, and you experience symptoms such as homesickness, boredom, loneliness, and even anger. This is called culture shock. So, what do you do when culture shock hits you hard and you feel homesick? Read on for our top 8 tips on preventing or dealing with culture shock and making the most of your time in Asia!

1. Understand

It is common to experience culture shock when living in a foreign country. That is why it is useful to understand why you might feel a bit insecure or anxious. You are faced with a different climate, values, attitudes, lifestyles, languages, and political and religious beliefs, which can for sure be a little overwhelming. No wonder you feel homesick!

If you try to understand why something is different, you will also start to understand the local way of life more deeply. This will help you feel less insecure or anxious.

2. Accept and Adapt

Try to recognize that you are experiencing a culture shock. Realizing it can help you deal with it better. Culture shock can be overcome when you accept and adapt to a foreign culture.

Culture shock can be overcome when you accept and adapt to a foreign culture.

3. Learn and be Open-Minded

Learn as much as possible about your destination. As you learn and become open-minded it is easier to understand the differences, see things from a different perspective and thus adapt. Learning some keywords in the local language helps a lot as well!

Knowledge is an important key to overcome culture shock.

4. Positive Attitude

To get more out of your experience, make sure to focus on all the positive aspects instead of having a negative mindset. Spend time with positive-minded people, have fun and feel the good vibes!

Stay positive, surrender to the good vibes and you will get the most out of your experience abroad.

5. Touch Base with Home

It is good to stay in touch with family and friends back home. But remember, if you spend all your time connected to them, it just keeps feeding homesickness even more. So, forget your phone for a while and go exploring!

Call your family and friends but remember to not stay in contact with them too often. It will only result in feeding your homesickness even more.

6. Don’t Compare

You will see differences everywhere but try to avoid comparing those with your home country. It won’t help you to settle in. Instead, see the differences as an opportunity to learn about a new culture and grow as a person!

Do not compare! Instead, see the differences as an opportunity to learn about a new culture and grow as a person.

7. Stay Active

Start a new hobby and enjoy things you cannot do back home. Like, try yoga if you study in Bali or why not martial art if you study in Bangkok, Thailand? y the activities favored by locals, eat Asian food, find the hidden gems of the country… The list could go on and on. Since you are already staying abroad, why not take full advantage of it and do all the things you were dreaming of before you started the semester?

“Keep busy. That will keep your mind of things, and again, you will immerse yourself in the new way of living and also create a “normal” everyday life routine.” – Elsi, International Coordinator

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tart a new hobby and enjoy things you cannot do back home. Why not start doing yoga?

8. Explore

Go see new places and explore the surroundings. It will help you to appreciate your new home and you will gain lots of priceless experiences. Don not look back and say what if…it is a once in a lifetime experience – enjoy it WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

Your semester abroad will be a once in a lifetime experience. That is why you have to make the most out of it. Go out there, explore and learn as much as can while you have the chance!

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