The Top 10 Life-Changing Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Is studying abroad worth it?

You may have looked up information online about the general benefits of studying abroad. Let’s dive a little deeper and see it from a larger perspective. Why should you consider enrolling in a university overseas?

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience, and it also helps you make more global connections and learn more about other cultures. But what else is there?

Let us provide you with quick facts about studying abroad. We will also introduce a fun and easy way of choosing your study abroad destination!

Quick Facts About Studying Abroad

Before we discuss the benefits of studying abroad, here are essential statistics about enrolling in a university overseas that you must know:

  • According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), around 10% of students go abroad to learn higher education. From 5 million in 2014, it is estimated to rise to 8 million by 2025.
  • Based on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), India and China have the most students enrolling abroad. On the other hand, global learners from the Turks and Caicos Islands, Seychelles, Montserrat, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Bermuda, Anguilla, and Andorra prefer enrolling abroad to learn than in their home country.
  • The most popular international courses are engineering, health-based programs, computer science, and agriculture.
  • Japan is strongly emerging as a key player in global education. International students are coming to the country because of its acclaimed universities, in-demand programs, friendly cities, and interesting culture.
  • 64% of companies are more likely to offer broader job roles to students who finished their education abroad based on the Erasmus Impact Study.
  • Additionally, based on the same study, it is revealed that employers believe students with international exposure are ideal to recruit. The benefits of studying abroad made them more confident, passionately curious, and adaptable.

Benefits of studying abroad

Let us further explain the facts above through our list of the benefits of studying in abroad:

1. Grow as a person while studying abroad

Aside from physical growth due to exciting and delicious food, one of the most important benefits of studying abroad is reaching your full potential. You will be surprised to see the best version of yourself after a semester or years of studying abroad.

Below are essential traits that you will develop:

  • Problem-solving skills to manage crucial decisions in school and soon at work
  • Courage to positively deal with challenges
  • Self-reliance to create a life outside your comfort zone
  • Adaptability as you will live in a new environment
  • Self-awareness to expand your perspective to be more understanding
  • Maturity to decide what path best leads to your ambitions
  • Leadership skills to prepare you for a higher position at work
Learn exciting languages while developing your communication skills!

2. Studying abroad helps improve your language and other unexplored skills

One of the essential benefits of studying abroad is improving your language skills. Aside from learning your preferred country’s dialect, you can also be familiar with other international languages your classmates use!

Additionally, when you’re in a new environment, your brain can make new paths, ways, and connections that give you access to new skills. Expect a better and wiser you while studying abroad.

3. It provides you with a new perspective

Improving cross-cultural knowledge allows you to develop relationships with people from different backgrounds better and see the world from a different perspective.

Furthermore, talking with the locals and observing their lifestyle can provide fresh ideas to upgrade your life. Studying in Japan allows you to learn self-control and discipline. Enrolling in universities in Bali can introduce you to the benefits of Yoga.

4. Increase your career opportunity

Studying abroad is challenging, but it opens many opportunities specifically for your professional goals. For instance, if you go on an exchange, you will meet other international students with different backgrounds and connections. One of these new friends could know someone who could offer you a position directly! Opportunities and the benefits of studying abroad are limitless!

Furthermore, graduating from a reputable learning institution overseas separates you from others. Your future employer will likely be more interested in you if you have more character and interests. Studying abroad shows independence, reliability, and much more.

5. Its a once in a lifetime life experience

Studying abroad and exploring new places is a lot of fun! You learn, live, and only get one life, so make the most of it! Even if you explore for the rest of your life, you will most likely miss out on many things.

Why not start to explore the world now? Who knows what you will experience and who you will meet! Harri Suominen, Asia Exchange’s Managing Director, and Co-founder, went on an exchange abroad as a student and ended up founding Asia Exchange. Because of his experiences abroad, this chain of events also led to him meeting his wife! Maybe your study abroad semester will end up innovating a new start-up business too, or you may end up with a lifelong partner! Whether or not either of these things happens, one thing is for sure, your study abroad will be memorable and life-changing!

benefits of studying abroad
Enjoy a new level of confidence and create the best version of yourself!

6. Develop your confidence

One of the great benefits of studying abroad is equipping yourself with the confidence to conquer any challenges!

Firstly, you test yourself to uncertainty by being in a different environment. You become automatically more alert and aware of what surrounds you. You become more observant, which you will not develop if you stay in your comfort zone.

Secondly, you gain more knowledge and become a reliable person as you experience new things and are with new people. It will add confidence to your personal and professional life.

Lastly, you will undoubtedly improve your communication skills, especially in a country where locals do not speak your native language.

Being forced to communicate significantly improves self-confidence, as you must seek answers rather than be given one. It will also develop your patience and appreciation for the little things in life, making it one of the main benefits of studying abroad.

7. Gain new styles of studying and learning

One of the most important benefits of studying abroad is adopting new learning methods. Universities in different countries offer new techniques that make learning fun!

Additionally, you will also meet global learners who can teach you new strategies to achieve great results successfully. A new learning environment also enables you to adjust positively, enhancing your adaptability skills.

benefits of studying abroad
Create an active life and discover your passions!

8. Enjoy a spontaneous and active life

Summer breaks are fantastic when you study abroad! For example, enrolling in Phuket, Thailand, offers exhilarating experiences as you can visit beautiful areas on the paradise island!

In addition, you can discover hidden talents in hiking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and more that you have never tried at home. An active lifestyle also lessens homesickness; you can organize groups with the same interests!

9. You will become a responsible adult

One of the significant benefits of studying abroad is it helps you transition to becoming a responsible adult. You must care for yourself, set priorities, budget expenses, make the right decisions, and more.

Furthermore, petty misunderstandings with your parents and siblings will be replaced with heartwarming memories. Your relationship with your family will be stronger once you go back home.

benefits of study abroad
Boost your global employability after studying abroad!

10. Increase your job opportunities globally

Although returning home is a good idea after finishing your education abroad, many opt to stay as they fully embrace the host country’s culture. Having broader options is one of the meaningful benefits of studying abroad.

Additionally, some work overseas as opportunities are more enticing. Aside from their educational background, they are favored by companies due to exceptional skills in resiliency, independence, etc. 

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In a nutshell

The benefits of studying abroad are endless! Expect a better version of yourself that can conquer any challenges life will give.

Start your application today! You may book a counseling session for further questions. Visit our virtual booth for more information about the best universities worldwide.

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