6 Benefits of studying abroad

Is studying abroad worth it?

You may have looked up online about the general benefits of studying abroad. Let’s dive a little deeper and see it from a bigger picture. Why should you consider studying abroad? Besides a life-changing experience, enhancing your global network and making you become more culturally aware and internationalized. What is else there?


     grow1. Grow as a person while studying abroad

Now, this can mean various things, such as physical growth! While you might grow due to the delicious delicacies different cultures offer, we mainly want to look at growth in a more abstract manner. To visually show how you grow as a person, imagine looking at earth from a third-person point of view.

As you stare at our small planet consisting of various countries, all the places you haven’t been are blurred. Every time you travel, you have unlocked a new location, the view of the world gets just a little bit bigger, clearer, and more colorful. To fully experience this imagining is simply not enough, and you should go and see it for yourself.


language skills

2. Studying abroad helps Improve language skills

Logically speaking, language skill is an obvious thing you will gain when studying abroad. The extent of the language skills, of course, varies per person. Technically speaking, just being around a new language is good enough to get your neuron signal dancing! In simpler terms, you have just become a little bit smarter.

Being in a new environment allows your brain to create new paths, ways, and connections that let you unlock new abilities! However, your brain is pretty secretive, so you won’t find out unless you try new things.

students studying abroad
International students working on group projects!

understanding new things

3. Studying abroad provides new perspective

While this may seem obvious on the surface level, we really must appreciate the benefits of experiencing a new culture that may go unnoticed. Developing cross-cultural awareness allows you to establish relationships with people of different backgrounds better and enables you to see the world differently.

To truly experience this, you simply need to try it out yourself. You will honestly feel like a whole new person who can adapt more flexibly in different situations and environments. Seeing how a local person lives out their daily life and how they organize things while studying, how they handle and react to different situations gives you the advantage to see things from a new perspective. How you use this new perspective to your advantage is, of course, up to your creativity, but more often than not, it is an advantage.


network4. Increase career opportunity

Let’s talk about how studying abroad benefits your career. Yes, it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but studying abroad does increase this opportunity in some ways. For instance, if you go on an exchange you will most likely meet other international students who have different backgrounds and connections. One of these new friends could know someone who could directly offer you a position! How do you find out? By trying and putting yourself out there! Who else will help you, if you can’t help yourself?

Another career opportunity that comes with studying abroad is the fact that studying abroad in itself is impressive! Your future employer will most likely be more interested in you if you have more character and interests. Going to study abroad shows Independence, reliability, and much more.


study abroad

5. Life experience

Most people don’t get a chance to study abroad due to various reasons, so if you can, why wouldn’t you? Studying abroad and exploring new places is a lot of fun. You learn, live, and only get one life, so make the most out of it! Even if you explore for the rest of your life, you most likely will still miss out on plenty of things.

Why not start to explore the world now? Who knows what you will experience and who you will meet! Harri Suominen, Asia Exchange’s CEO went on an exchange abroad as a student and ended up founding Asia Exchange. Because of his experiences abroad, this chain of events also led to him meeting his wife! Maybe your study abroad semester will end up innovating a new start-up business too, or you may end up with a lifelong partner! Whether or not either of these things happens, one thing is for sure. Your study abroad will be life-changing!

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Study abroad and being internationalized
The world is bigger than you think!

develop self confidence

6. Develop your confidence

No, we don’t mean that you will suddenly become charismatic, though that may also happen! The kind of confidence you gain will vary but mainly what happens when you put yourself in a new environment is as follows.

Firstly, you challenge yourself to uncertainty by being in a different environment. You become automatically more alert and aware of what surrounds you. You become more observant, which you can lose by being in the same environment for too long.

Secondly, you gain more knowledge and become more reliable as a person. This comes naturally as you experience new things and are with new people. It will add confidence to your personal and professional life.

Lastly, communication skills. Needless to say, this will undoubtedly improve, especially in a country where locals do not speak your native language. Being forced to communicate is great for improving self-confidence, as you would need to seek answers rather than be given one. It will also develop your patience and appreciation for the little things in life.

Going abroad to study
On your way to your new study destination!

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This blog post was written by our Intern Marisa