5 Ways Online Studying Can Boost Your Learning

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Find out how online studying can improve your learning

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the way we work has had to change. We here at Asia Exchange have been cooperating with our study destinations and giving the students the option to continue their studies online.

All of our host Universities, except the Shih Chien University in Taiwan, have moved their lectures online to ensure the safety of our students. Taiwan is one of the few countries that has remained remarkably unaffected by the coronavirus. 

One of the perks of online studying is working remotely. Photo By Avel Chuklanov

How are the online studies organized?

Passing on study materials and returning assignments is mostly done via email. Online studies have been executed through written assignments and video presentations. Language teachers, in particular, have preferred video presentations.

The main platforms for online lectures at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul are HUFS e-class online program, Google Hangouts, and Youtube, depending on the professor’s preference.

At the Bali Universities, online studies have mostly been organized through Google Classroom and Dropbox.

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The benefits of online studying

Moving all lectures online can feel like a big adjustment but there are several benefits to online studying.

1. You choose when and where

One of the biggest advantages of online studying is being able to choose when and where to work. You can customize your learning environment and work where it feels the best, whether it is at the home, the beach, or perhaps a cafe.

Choosing time and place can have a huge impact on efficiency. Photo By Andrea Piacquadio

2. Schedule your own time

Online studies provide more flexibility to plan your day ahead and have time for activities. If you work effectively you have more time to perhaps start a new hobby, explore the culture of your city, and do things that bring you happiness.

The flexibility of online studying can give you more free time. Photo By Artem Beliaikin

3. More time to review study materials

Since online studying allows you to schedule your time, you also have more time to review study materials and learn at your own pace. You have access to all materials through your computer so it is also convenient. Everyone learns differently so you can find what works the best for you.

Being able to study at your own pace makes learning more effective. Picture By Vlada Karpovich

4. Master multitasking

Studying remotely can also enhance the ability to multitask because you have the control and more time in your hands. You also don’t have the same distractions as you would have in a class full of students so you can be productive.

A woman using her laptop while talking on the phone
Working in a calm environment can increase your productivity. Picture By Vlada Karpovich

Working in a calm environment can increase your productivity. Picture By Vlada Karpovich

5. Develop self-discipline

A great outcome of online studying is that you actually help to develop self-discipline because you have to take responsibility and work independently. Self-discipline is a great skill to have in life but a necessary one for online studying. Nobody is telling you what to do so you need to be self-motivated.

Working independently helps to strengthen your self-discipline. Picture By Andrea Piacquadio

What’s next?

Our host Universities have agreed to continue online studies in the autumn semester if Covid-19 prevents international students from starting their semester on campus. We are continuously in personal contact with our host Universities to negotiate solutions that are the best for our students.

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This article was conducted by our intern, Sofia!