Five Ways- How To Help Local Communities During “COVID-19”

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5 ways how you can help the local communities while studying abroad

We are living exceptional times of COVID-19 pandemic going around and the current state affects everyone around the globe. There are also countries that are even more vulnerable to the virus and its consequences than others. While taking care of ourselves, many people are wondering what they could do for others. We gathered some useful tips on how everyone can help and support the local communities in e.g. study abroad destination during this time! 

Reach out your hand and offer help to the local communities while studying abroad during the COVID-19. Photo By Natalie

1. Practice social distancing

All the regulations and measurements are not set only for everyone to protect themselves but also to protect especially those who belong to the risk groups. Social distancing has been the word known by everyone for a while. You can do your part in helping to minimize the spread of the coronavirus by staying home as much as possible, minimizing your social contacts, and avoiding public places and crowds. Work and study from home if possible. Going out for fresh air and taking care of necessities like groceries are still allowed.

It goes without saying that all the rules and regulations set by local authorities should be followed. Remember to wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer and a mask if needed.

Social distancing is very important in order to minimize the risk of getting infected or spread COVID-19. Photo By Kate

2. Use home delivery services

Many places are closed to in-house dining, but you can’t still have your favorite food from your favorite restaurant as many places are still doing take away and delivery. This is currently also the only way for some restaurants to make money at the moment. Order your favorite treats and eat at home. Two applications, GoJek and Grab, are very popular around Asia for ordering food and other supplies to your doorstep!

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3. Support local businesses

Pandemics cause economic impact for sure. Many people have lost their income. Businesses and especially small ones like many around Asia are going to be hit the hardest. You can order takeaway or pick up food from restaurants. You can take your clothes to that little laundry run by a local woman. You can choose to buy groceries and things you need from small shops or local markets to support those who need it the most.

Would you like to buy a basic white t-shirt? Buy it from a nearby local market and help to support the local businesses. Photo By Joseph

4. Don’t buy things you don’t need

It is wise to do only essential shopping. Don’t hoard or overbuy necessities or anything you don’t need. Leave them in store for others who are in need. Fill your own stock when you’re running out of something and keep only reasonable storage of essentials. Fun fact: a bum gun is something you find almost every toilet in Asia so there is even no need for hoarding unnecessary amount of toilet paper!

5. Help local people and animals

In addition to paying attention to your own actions and supporting local businesses, there are multiple ways to help others around you! Small money for western people is big money for many in Asia. Tip a delivery guy or people you buy products or services from. You can also donate to reputable charities and animal shelters. A very practical way to help is buying and sharing food for local people and animals. Goodies like rice, oil, vegetables, and toiletries are not expensive for many of us but there are people and families who might be struggling with getting these everyday products.

During these tense times, everyone is starting to be exhausted when constantly doing their best in dealing with this chaotic time. Do your best to be kind and help others. Showing patience and kindness towards other people makes the world a better place.

Try to give some extra tip whenever you are in a restaurant. Photo By Sam

We are in this together. Success is achieved by lifting each other up instead of putting down. Asia Exchange wishes everyone health and strength during this time when the world is trying to overcome the pandemic!

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This article was conducted by our intern Noora!