5 Tips on how to make the most out of quarantine in Seoul

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Our 5 tips on what do during quarantine in Seoul as an exchange student

Quarantine is vital for everyone who wants to enter South Korea, not only to protect themselves but also for the safety and health of others. As the Spring Semester 2021 at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and Hanyang University is about to start in a couple of weeks, most Asia Exchange students have already arrived in Seoul. After a long and exhausting journey with various safety procedures, they were relieved and happy to arrive at their quarantine accommodations. However, quarantine can be nerve-wracking and may feel like forever. But don’t worry, we’ve got you! Read further to find out how you can easily survive the quarantine.

a street in Seoul city with shops and signs in South Korea
Spring Semester 2021 students are in quarantine in Seoul, South Korea

1. Practice Korean during quarantine

Why not use your time efficiently in quarantine and improve your Korean skills! Picking up the first few words or expanding your vocabulary will help you to fully immerse yourself with the Korean culture as soon as the isolation is over. The Korean alphabet, also known as Hangul, can be tricky to learn. It can be a great advantage to get familiar with the signs if you start already during the quarantine.

There are several apps, for both Android and iOS, to learn Korean for free. For instance, ‘LingoDeer’ and ‘Drops’ are sophisticated apps with a playful, entertaining learning approach.

study Korean language online druing quarantine
Use your time to study Korean language

2. Write a to-do-list for korea

The perfect way to spend your time in quarantine is daydreaming of the experiences that lay ahead, so you keep your mindset positive. Grab your journal and write down what you want to see and do in South Korea. Whether you search online or read through a travel guide.

Our blog might be another great source of inspiration for your time in Soul. You will find student experiences and articles such as ‘5 things to as a student in South Korea‘. Feel free to scroll through our Korea related blog posts and get excited about the time after quarantine!

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3. Watch Korean Netflix shows

Let’s be realistic: who doesn’t like to binge watch Netflix when you are stuck in a room for two weeks? Luckily, Netflix offers a wide range of Korean Drama shows which will keep you occupied for quite a while. The following two recommendations are just a few among many.

It’s okay to be not okay’ is one of the most popular K-dramas, which not only tells a unique love story but also addresses mental health issues. Are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride?

If you haven’t watched ‘Extracurricular’already, you should put in on your watchlist! The thrilling 2020 series is not a typical high school story. The protagonist, Oh Ji-soo, is a high-flyer but has a lack of social life outside school. Things turn dangerous when his secret business got discovered.

watching netflix on the sofa during quarantine
Watch Korean K-drama on Netflix during your quarantine

4. Inform yourself about the Korean etiquette

Use the two weeks to gain a better understanding of the Korean way of thinking and moral codex. Consequently, you will avoid putting your foot in it. Adapting to a foreign culture can be challenging, but that is what makes going abroad exciting, right? Be open-minded and get adjusted to the new behaviours. Trust us, it will make your experience more pleasant!

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5. Order Korean takeaway food

Do you think you have to wait 14 days until you can finally explore Korea? Luckily, you can already get a taste of what Seoul has to offer! Korean food is a huge part of their culture and renowned worldwide. Better take your phone and download delivery apps to enjoy the great taste of Korean cuisine during your quarantine. For example, ‘Help me Emo’or ‘Shuttle’.

Korean food, a ramen, for takeaway during quarantine
Oder Korean takeaway food to experience the taste of Seoul

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