5 reasons why you shouldn’t be scared of studying abroad

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Are you scared to study abroad? This is for you!

Hello you, My name is Pauline, I am 21 years old, and I was a student at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul,  South Korea for the spring semester of 2022. If you are scared of studying abroad, this text is for you! Going to study abroad was the scariest thing that happened in my life, even if it was my dream. For a long time, the anxious little girl in me kept me away from this dream, until I realized that waiting to be ready would never happen. I took the first step. So as much as I wish I could have read an article like this to give me courage, I am writing it for you, who have eyes full of stars and thoughts full of doubts.

Here are five reasons why you should not be scared!

1. Away from home, you will do things you would have never dared to try before.

I always wanted to start contemporary dance—a teenage dream. In France, I was considered too old to get into serious classes, and I was also too scared to start. However, I promised myself that if I dared to leave my country, I would dare to subscribe to a dance school. It took me a month, but I finally decided to go. This was the second scariest thing I did after leaving my family. I ended up in a school full of locals, but I quickly made myself comfortable. It is still the decision that I am most proud of. If not for Korea, I would have never started to dance. So if you are scared of starting something in your own country, you can begin abroad, where no one knows you.

2. You will prove to yourself that you are capable of everything.

No matter how terrifying it sounds in reality and dreamy it looks in your head. Studying in a foreign university will make you the most confident person in your country. Because whatever will happen during your stay, you will overcome it like a pro. That is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. You get the courage to listen to yourself.

3. Going to Asia will make you an outstanding person.

Asia seems far away to many people, like an imaginary land. If you got to experience what life is like so far away, the world will seem tinier. Everything seems so close to me now. I feel like I can accomplish whatever I want if I work for it. I am anxious to enter my new school in France these days, but I remind myself that I spent 5 months in a foreign country and came back safe and healthy, so France should be like a piece of cake. You will have tons of things to tell others, from what you’ve seen to what you’ve learned.

study abroad in south korea
“I feel like I can accomplish whatever I want if I work for it.”

4. You will meet amazing people, and you are not the only one scared to study abroad

What is the most memorable thing is the solidarity toward everyone. At first, I was anxious about being the only one to be scared of being separated from my family, but all the people I met were lost at the beginning, just like me. That’s how you build your own family there and never feel alone because you will never be. I learned so much, even from people I met only once. Even though I don’t remember everyone, I remember leaving a room after just a few talks and feeling inspired. I met amazing people I spent all my time with, which will be in my life for a long time.

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5. Maybe you will learn to enjoy spending time with yourself, like me.

Through the days, I started to love giving time to myself. I would spend an entire day visiting a museum, a lot of walking, shopping, and even doing my nails (again, a thing I never did in France). I would walk and enjoy the freedom this decision to study abroad brought me. If you search for freedom and peace, you will maybe find it there. If you search for something, you will probably find answers outside of your home. I had my answers, and now I’m going to work for the things I dream about.

So as terrifying, stressful, or unknown as it seems. You should choose what you truly want and not what your doubts tell you.

Don’t think more; jump in a plane,



study abroad in south korea
You will probably find answers outside your home if you search for something.

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