5 reasons why you should study abroad for a full degree

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Why not study Bachelor’s degree in South Korea or Master’s degree in Thailand?

Have you ever thought about moving to a foreign country to study for a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Studying for a Full Degree in Asia has become more and more popular over the years, and the benefits of studying abroad are undeniable. Getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a foreign country is good for your personal and academic growth. In addition to improving your language skills and completing a degree that is highly valued by employers, you will gain memories and experiences you cannot have by staying at home. Here are five reasons why you should study for a degree abroad!

1. Reach further!

Why stay in your home country when you can study abroad in the most amazing destinations around the world? The world is your oyster, and you should take full advantage of the freedom you have when you are choosing your university degree. Studying full degree abroad is a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to discover the world while doing something meaningful. Enjoy Seoul’s metropolis environment or Bali’s beautiful beaches while studying in a high-quality degree program in world-renowned universities. Sounds exciting right? Widen your horizons and reach further, you won’t regret it.

Make new friends and study bachelor’s degree at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, South Korea

2. Get to know a foreign culture (and get to know yourself)

There is no better opportunity to dive into a foreign culture than studying abroad for a degree. By staying in a foreign country for several years, you get to experience the local lifestyle and become a part of the community. As a student, you naturally integrate into the local student community.

Studying abroad makes a person more aware of other cultures and different ways of doing things. Meeting people from different cultural backgrounds will help you realize that people have so much in common – despite our cultural differences. Expanding your worldview helps you to develop cross-cultural awareness and a global mindset. Moreover, you will learn new things about yourself you might never discover by staying in your comfort zone.

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3. Save money by studying for a full degree

Studying full degree abroad might sound expensive. Flights, accommodation, visas, tuition fees… However, studying abroad in Asia might be a smart move in terms of money because of the low tuition fees. Furthermore, living costs in Asia might be significantly lower than in your home country. For example, living costs in Thailand are quite moderate if you compare it to Europe. When you live in Thailand for several years, you might save a significant amount of money. Despite this, universities in Thailand are world-renowned institutions with strong traditions and high-quality study programs.

You should also take into consideration that studying for an international degree in a high-quality university might open unexpected doors career-wise. The reputation of the university or the quality of the program might get you interesting career offers and maybe even increase your future salary. In the end, you might even save money in the long run.

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4. Boost your CV

Globalization and multiculturalization are a significant part of companies’ and organizations’ everyday life nowadays. Employers always try to find employees with global competence and cultural knowledge.

An international university degree is always highly valued in the eyes of employers. Studying full degree abroad shows that you are a brave, independent go-getter who enjoys challenges. Studying abroad will also improve your intercultural communication skills, language skills, and confidence. These things are huge advantages for you in the modern-day labour market.

Study abroad for a full degree in the most amazing destinations of the world.

5. Make friends for a lifetime

The best things about studying abroad: new friends and unforgettable adventures in your new home country! While studying in an international degree program, you will meet and befriend other international students as well as the locals. It is easy to get to know fellow students because there are other international students in the same situation as you.

The new beginning is also a perfect opportunity to try new things and meeting new people through hobbies. Try surfing in Bali or take dance lessons in South Korea and meet people outside of your student bubble. Grow your international network and find friends from all over the world while studying for a degree abroad.

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