15 of the best languages to learn for academic, travel, and cultural goals

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What are the best languages to learn for 2024?

Whatever your goals are in the coming years, upgrading yourself through the best languages to learn must be a priority. Doing so opens personal and professional opportunities, enabling a remarkable career ahead! 

Today, we will introduce the best languages to learn in 2024. We also included exciting information to inspire you to upgrade your vocabulary.  

Statistics about learning international language

Before we go to the best languages to learn, here are thrilling facts based on studies by the British Council, Rosetta Stone, Eurostat, E.F. English Proficiency Index, ReCALL, and the International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning.  

Analyzing dynamics 

  • Both genders are interested in learning a new language. Studies show there are equal numbers of males and females in a class most of the time. 
  • 86% of those with high positions in a company think language abilities are essential for a business’s success. 
  • Effective styles in acquiring the best languages to learn vary per age. Teens and young adults aged 13 to 25 may successfully develop vocabulary skills through apps. On the other hand, infants and children can absorb a new language through daily interaction and playful activities. 

Difficulties and inspirations about the best languages to learn

  • Pronunciation is the most challenging part of learning a new language, as 42% of respondents in a study expressed. 
  • 72% of employees enroll in the best languages to learn to improve their job prospects.
  • One of the most popular reasons to learn a new language is to connect effectively with family members, friends, and love partners who speak a different language.

Variations and proficiency levels

  • 75% of those who want to master the English language desire to reach a B2 level or higher for adequate communication at school and work.
  • According to a study, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands are the top countries with the highest English proficiency skills. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Russia have the lowest proficiency in the universal language.
  • Nations with more than one official language have varying competencies in each dialect. For example, Canadians’ English skills are usually higher than their French expertise, especially in areas where English is often used.

Impact of modernization and technology on acquiring the best languages to learn

  • Language learners using Virtual Reality (V.R.) improved more than those who opted for conventional approaches.
  • However, traditional classroom methods are still in demand today, as seen in 80% of enrollees.  
  • The demand for digital English learning products will grow to more than 109364.88 million USD by 2028, estimated at 21.81% yearly from 2023 to 2028.

Best languages to learn in 2024

After the insights, here are the best languages to learn that benefit your education and career goals. 

best languages to learn

1. English

English is still one of the best languages to learn as it is the official dialect of significant countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. More than 1.5 billion people use English at school, work, and travel. 

One of the best language programs today is English Express by Edunation, providing engaging courses to upgrade your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills using the universal language. Aside from its affordable price, you will enjoy an immersive learning environment with exceptional professional instructors.

2. Korean

With its booming economy and global influence in entertainment, technology, lifestyle, and more, Korean is one of the best languages to learn in 2024. Generally, it is ideal to grasp, as it is one of the most sensible globally. 

The Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program is perfect for those planning to learn the language and study in the country. You will genuinely love studying in Seoul as it offers an immersive and modern environment. 

3. Mandarin Chinese

Among the best languages to learn is Mandarin, used by 199 million as their second language and 918 as their primary. China’s economy is the best globally, and opportunities in the country are vast for professional growth.

Studying in China is also advantageous as it has renowned learning institutions. One of the best is Shanghai University, which has impressive positions in the East Asia University, Asia University rankings, and more. Shanghai University offers the China Studies Program, which includes exciting lessons in the Chinese language, culture, economy, business, and more. 

4. Japanese

One hundred twenty-eight million speak Japanese, and the country is open to career and study opportunities. International students looking for the best universities in the country must consider the Tokyo – Ecampus by Undiknas University. Aside from its strategic location in the heart of Tokyo, you get to join a welcoming community and choose from educational fields in Business, Law, Management, or entrepreneurship. 

Japanese is among the best languages to learn, as the country is open to qualified international workers who want to provide services to the nation’s best companies. 

best languages to learn

5. Portuguese

Grasping Portuguese is valuable as it extends benefits in business opportunities in Brazil, one of the global emerging regions. Portuguese is the official dialect of ten countries and territories, and 213 million people use it. 

Those planning to upgrade their education must enroll at the European University of Lisbon, which offers study fields in Management, Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Games & Apps Development, Creative Technologies, and Design Global. 

6. French

Learning French is ideal for those who want to widen their network, whether for personal or career opportunities. It is the official language in 29 countries, offering high possibilities for professional growth. 

Studying in France and getting familiar with “one of the best languages to learn in 2024” is achievable by enrolling in the country. ESME School of Engineering, located in Paris, France, is an excellent choice for international students, as it has in-demand programs concentrating on technology and engineering.  

7. Indonesian

One advantage of learning Indonesian is the opportunity to immerse in a breathtaking nation and study at some of the best universities in the country, such as Warwadewa University, Udayana University, and Udiknas University

Additionally, Indonesian is included in the “Languages for the Future” from the British Council’s List. Forty million residents and 150 million non-native speakers use it for communication with one of the most hospitable races globally. 

best languages to learn

8. Spanish

Spanish is one of the best languages to learn, as more than 37 million people in the US and Latin American countries use it for travel, business, and education.  

If you plan to study in Latin America, Anahuac University in Cancun, Mexico, and The Latin America University of Science and Technology in Costa Rica are famous for providing the best education for local and international students.

9. Italian

Italian is among the best languages to learn in 2024 for business, travel, and education purposes. Aside from being Europe’s second most extensive manufacturing economy, it is a preferred travel destination that offers scenic places and delicious delicacies.

For those planning to study in Italy, the University of Cagliari in Sardinia is the perfect institution to update your education. Its gorgeous Mediterranean location is sophisticatedly inspiring, and the university offers study fields in in-demand programs. 

best languages to learn

10. Finnish

As Finland continues to be one of the top destinations to live and study, Finnish is one of the best languages to learn. Aside from the high quality of living, pristine environment, and more, equality is highly valued and enjoyed in the nation. 

Edunation’s Finnish language courses are the most in-demand classes online. It uses modern teaching methods, covering everything from essential to industry-specific words. 

11. Dutch 

Another best language to learn is Dutch. Aside from being one of the easiest to absorb if you have a good grasp of English, the Netherlands is one of the most open economies globally and is a significant trade and transportation hub. 

Conditions apply to international workers who want to build a career in the country. Nonetheless, the Netherlands is an ideal location to establish a fulfilling career. 

12. Hindi

As India progresses nonstop to be one of the leading nations globally, Hindi is one of the best languages to learn. It is used by 341 million locals and 274 million people as their second language. 

Working and living in India introduces a welcoming environment filled with fascinating culture. You can also apply in industries to showcase your skills.

13. German

As Europe’s most widely used language, German is also one of the best languages to learn if you want to study, work, and live there. Germany’s economy is admired worldwide, and its exports, such as vehicles, electrical machinery, pharmaceuticals, and more, are in demand for their outstanding quality. 

best languages to learn

14. Arabic

Twenty-five countries use Arabic as their primary language, making it fifth of the most widely used globally. Arabic may be challenging to learn, but grasping it is beneficial. There are companies outside the Arab regions looking for competent speakers for connection and business reasons. 

Arabic is also one of the most beautiful ancient languages. Its literature is inspiring and teaches learnings that are still relevant today. 

15. Swahili

Swahili is widely used in Africa, with over 200 million speakers. It is a native African language with Portuguese, Hindi, Persian, and English influences. It combines ancient Arabic and Bantu used in Eastern, Central, Southern, and Southeast Africa. 

Aside from learning and career opportunities, Swahili is among the best languages to learn to immerse in a fantastic environment. Enrolling in Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to enjoy breathtaking natural sceneries and a unique culture. 

How to effectively grasp the best languages to learn in 2024

After introducing the best languages to learn, below are some tips to grasp them more effectively.

– Concentrate on learning one language at a time.

– Watch online videos or listen to recordings to improve your pronunciation.

– Refrain from using subtitles when watching foreign series or movies to practice listening skills.

– Use the language you want to learn daily to practice your diction.

– Post visual cues in your bedroom, kitchen, and bedroom. 

– Immersion is still the perfect way to grasp the best languages to learn. Search online for programs that suit your budget and have fun to learn productively.

Summing it up

Communication, using any of the best languages to learn, is the essence of life. It is the only way to establish meaningful relationships and connect effectively with anyone. Studying abroad upgrades this experience by immersing in an environment where this language is used.

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