100 Years of Independence

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A Finnish party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since last year Finland has been 100 years an independent country. For this, we can thank our elders and all of those who fell bravely fighting for our liberty and making it possible. And we, the Finnish students, celebrated Independece Day here in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia! Even though the party was far away from our homeland, we had amazing 60-70 Finnish people gathered together in a beautiful place in Mont Kiara.The event to celebrate the independence included chatting around, a beautiful collage video of Finland and its great success and beautiful nature, delicious dinner, some activities and of course alcohol; how else would Finnish people party, right?

The event was organized really well by MaSu (Malesian Suomalaiset) and we had lots of fun and cheers that night. The night continued (at least for us students here) later on and we went and celebrated the whole night waving the Finnish flags across the KL and got recognized by many local and foreign people. And they even congratulated us for the 100 years, which was unexpected and brilliant!  The following gallery will show some of the highlights during the evening:

Five girls in dresses are posing in front of a grey wall and a blue banner during an event in Malaysia. Everyone was well dressed for this special occasion. The mood was on top during the whole evening! Photo by Lasse / CC BYFour man in suit are posing in front of a grey wall and blue banner while holding two little Finnish vlags in Malaysia. 100 years of independence, an evening when all the Finns could wave the flag with great pride! Photo by Lasse / CC BYPeople are stitting around a white round table and chatting with eachother during an event in a room with blue light in Kuala Lumpur. The event included lots of chatting and delicious food. Photo by Lasse / CC BYIlluminated buildings in Kuala Lumpur during a night in Malaysia. The view was not too shabby! The Petronas Twin Towers to the left and the KL tower to the right! Photo by Lasse / CC BY

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People wearing suits and dresses are looking at a video on a wall during an event in Kuala Lumpur. A collage video of Finland and its great success and beautiful nature was shown on a big screen. Photo by Lasse / CC BYA group picture of Finnish people wearing party outfits and accessories during a party in Malaysia. What’s a great party without fancy dresses and accessories?Photo by Lasse / CC BYPeople are dancing and playing games during a party in Kuala Lumpur. Weird but fun games made this event even more entertaining. Photo by Lasse / CC BY

Malaysia’s multi-cultural society is very welcomming towards our students from all over the world.

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This text was written by one of our students in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lasse Hurri.

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