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10 Reasons Why You Should Study In Dublin

Dublin is the perfect study abroad destination – Find out why

Are you planning to study abroad? But you ask yourself which city is the best study abroad destination? We collected our top 10 reasons why you should study in Ireland, Dublin. 


We think that Dublin is worth a thought when deciding where to study abroad. But we are not the only ones. In the QS Best Student Cities 2022 rankings, Dublin has made 39th place due to multiple reasons. However, Ireland’s capital had the best performance in the factor “student mix” and was ranked 12th. If you seek an international atmosphere, you will love the city, with over 20% of all students being foreigners. The government and international schools in Dublin promote cultural exchange and support incoming students where they can. So why not join over 32,000 international students and study in Dublin?

2. Study abroad in Dublin and explore its rich history 

Dublin is your place to be if you like places with a unique atmosphere full of history and aesthetic architecture. It is known as one of the world’s literary capitals. It is one of the few UNESCO cities (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in the world with the title City of Literature. Authors like James Joyce, WB Yeats, Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift were born in Dublin. Besides literature, musicals play a vital role in the history and culture of Dublin. But also, historical buildings like the Dublin Castle from the 13th century or the St Patrick’s Cathedral reflect Dublin’s historical heritage. Also, the universities have historical flair. For instance, the buildings of the American College of Dublin were built in the Georgian era, and one of the houses was even the childhood home of Oscar Wilde!

It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the traditional Irish culture with its music, literature, and monuments. You will have the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks, take part in traditional events, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Dublin is the ideal place to explore and experience a culture full of history and beauty.

3. A city full of innovation and novelty  

In contrast to the conservation of Dublin’s historical heritage, the Irish Times wrote in 2016 that “Dublin has been ranked third on a list of most successful cities for innovation, liveability, and capacity to reinvent, behind London and Silicon Valley.” Moreover, Dublin’s writers are continuing the tradition. Literary stars of the modern era, such as Colm Tóibín, Sebastian Barry, Anne Enright, and Roddy Doyle, receive worldwide recognition.

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Dublin is a fascinating mix of old and new

4. Improve your English skills while studying abroad in Dublin 

Dublin is the perfect study abroad destination if you want to improve your language skills while being abroad. You can, of course, work on your English skills in any country. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that an English-speaking country will be most beneficial. Immerse yourself in the Irish culture and get comfortable speaking English in lectures and your spare time. Get to know the local slang, pick up some new everyday English, or learn how to joke with friends. After all, Ireland has been the only English-speaking nation in the European Union since Brexit. As a student from the EU, it is very convenient to study in Dublin for EU students in general.

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5. Friendliness awaits you in Dublin

Another reason you should consider Dublin your study abroad destination is the friendliness of the people. The residents of Dublin will welcome you with open arms, and people are always happy to help. It is no surprise that the Gaelic welcome, “Céad Míle Fáilte,” means a hundred thousand welcomes. Indeed, Ireland is among the ten friendliest countries globally, and its capital is the best example.

6. Find all you need within walking distance

Dublin is perfectly suitable for you if you cannot see yourself in a big metropolis but still want the city flair. With less than 1,5 million inhabitants, Dublin has all you need without being too overwhelming. From the city, it is only a short hop to the countryside. The town is very pedestrian-friendly, and you can take a DublinBike quickly from A to B. Most Universities are located centrally. For instance, if you study at the American College Dublin, you can easily walk from your student accommodation to all campuses or downtown Dublin. If you need a longer ride, take public transport, including trams, trains, and buses.

7. Wide range of cultural variety and entertainment 

During your exchange semester in Dublin, you will experience the great culture and entertainment offered. Besides excellent shopping opportunities, the social and cultural life is exciting. How about strolling through a modern art exhibition on a Sunday? As an international student in Dublin, you can visit museums and galleries for free. A famous hotspot in Dublin is the lively and artistic area of Temple Bar. At night when the stores close, the party life awakens. The pub and drinking culture in Dublin is famous all around the globe for a good reason.

temple bar Ireland Dublin city party night life culture
Temple Bar is a lively area in Dublin, Ireland, rich in culture and an exciting nightlife

8. Best employment opportunities after studying in Dublin

Even though Dublin is not the biggest city, it is known as “The emerging internet capital of Europe” and “Dublin’s Silicon Dock’. The tech scene in Dublin is booming, with companies like Twitter, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zynga settling in the docklands of Dublin. Consequently, young talented employees can gain work experience as one of the big players of the 21st century. Dublin is the perfect choice for your exchange semester if you are ready to grow your network and climb the career ladder. You might end up staying for an internship or even settling down! In case you want to pursue your business ideas, Ireland is supporting promising start-ups

9. Dublin is the doorway to Europe 

traveling opportunity while studying abroad in Dublin

Dublin is only one of many beautiful European cities, and deciding where to study abroad will take work. However, you can always hop on a plane or ferry for a weekend trip to explore Europe’s diverse countries. When taking a program at the American College Dublin, you will have enough time to explore Ireland and other countries of interest due to the block system. The flights are very affordable, and they are also within short distances. So, you better start planning your trips already.

10. Visit famous film locations

film location attractions while you are studying abroad in Dublin

If you are a film fan, you should research before moving to Dublin for your study exchange in Ireland. You can visit famous film locations like County Clare or County Kerry from the Harry Potter films series. Especially Game of Thrones fans should plan a trip to Northern Ireland, where the series was filmed.

study in Dublin Ireland nature trip excursion travel
Enjoy your time in Ireland to the fullest and explore the countryside or other European cities!

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