10 benefits of the summer study abroad program in Bali

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Why you should consider the summer school program in Bali!

Have you ever thought about joining a summer school program? Warmadewa International Summer Exchange introduces you to the Indonesian language, culture, tourism, and business. You won’t be just sitting in the classroom either, but will also get to take part in exciting excursions and workshops. You’ll also have plenty of time to discover and enjoy Bali’s many free-time activities. If that sounds appealing to you, read our 10 reasons why you should consider summer school in Bali!

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1. The summer study abroad program is for high school graduates and college students

Summer school in Bali is for everyone, from high school graduates to bachelor students and master students. So, college students can take advantage of their summer break to get more credits in a different setting. At the same time, high school students and graduates can get a taste of student life. Especially if you are still unsure about your life’s next steps!

2. Benefits of a short summer school program

Studying abroad for one or two semesters is not easy to schedule, and sometimes the implementation is too complicated. Or maybe you don’t want to be away from home in a foreign country for so long. But if you don’t want to miss the experience of studying abroad, a short summer school program is the perfect solution! Invest in your international experience by joining the 2–4-week summer school in Bali! There is hardly any other option to growing personally and academically in such a short time. So, why not take advantage of the summer break to gain unforgettable experience abroad?

Bali Indinesia culture women dance
take advantage of their summer break to earn additional credits in a unique environment.

3. Earn university credits easily while enjoying yourself

Despite the short duration of the summer study abroad program, you can earn up to 12 ECTS credits or 7 US credits! An insider tip for anyone struggling with too many courses at university: Earn some extra credits during your semester holiday and enjoy a more relaxed semester afterward back home! And don’t worry, the summer school schedule allows you to enjoy Bali life. You will start your winter semester more recharged than ever!

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4. Experience the Balinese island life during the summer school program

Because classes will take place from Monday to Thursday, you have plenty of time to enjoy your free time in Bali. Moreover, the low cost of living in Bali lets you spoil yourself with good food, nights out, fun activities, and trips with friends. Explore the famous paradise island Bali and the neighboring islands! Additionally, the Balinese culture is everywhere around you. It makes life here very special and fascinating. But It’s something you have to experience to understand fully.

5. Summer study abroad program at Bali’s best private university

The summer school program in Bali combines holiday feeling with high academic standards. Besides enjoying the laid-back island life and tropical beaches, you will study exciting courses at the best private university in Bali. Moreover, Warmadewa University is among the top 5% universities in Indonesia and has a modern campus.

campus warmadewa university bali students
The summer school program takes place at the beautiful and modern campus of the Warmadewa University

6. Interactive learning, exciting workshops, and educational excursions await you!

You can earn your credits at your home university during the semester, but you might as well fly to Bali and have fun! The interactive lectures teach you about the Indonesian language and culture, tourism, business, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, you will have Balinese workshops and fascinating excursions.

7. Improve your English and Indonesian language skills

Of course, your language skills will improve when you go abroad! However, in the summer study abroad program, you will not only speak English every day, but you will also have the chance to learn the basics of Bahasa Indonesia and develop your intercultural communication skills.

8. Meet people from all over the world and build an international network

The summer school attracts young people from all over the world. Therefore, it creates an international atmosphere with open-minded people, the perfect base for connecting with people worldwide and building a global network. Meeting new people can be a huge motivation and inspiration.

9. Easy application and fast confirmation of secure study placement

Asia Exchange keeps the application process as simple as possible, enabling you to apply easily and comfortably. All you need is to submit your high school diploma or proof that you are currently a high school student, signature page, and identification page of your passport. Additionally, you should be 18 years or older and have sufficient English skills (B2 level). However, you’re not required to take an official language test. You can apply at the latest 1 month before the summer school starts, and we will confirm your application mostly within 24h. Afterward, you only need to book a flight, and you are ready to go! With the Visa on Arrival, you don’t even need to apply for a visa.

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10. Why not combine the summer school program with traveling South-East Asia!?

Summer breaks are often longer than the summer school program in Bali. That’s why it’s an excellent opportunity to travel around Indonesia or South-East Asia after completing the program at Warmadewa University. Earn your credits and reward yourself with a fantastic travel experience in Asia! Imagine how much input you can get during your holidays.

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Bali Indonesia girl travel vulcano pool-summer study abroad program
Earn your credits and reward yourself with a fantastic travel experience in Asia!

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