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Dear Study Abroad Advisor or International Coordinator,

Are you looking for new study abroad destinations for your university’s students? Or do you wish to get more international exchange students to your institution via a reliable partner?

Asia Exchange has helped students to study abroad and gain life-changing experiences since 2007. As one of the most recognized study abroad organizations globally, we offer students opportunities for participating in academic study abroad semesters at internationally accredited universities in Asia but nowadays also in Europe and Latin America. We want to make studying abroad as easy and affordable as possible because we believe studying abroad should be available to the many, not to the few.

Asia Exchange focuses on tackling the logistic, information and quality gaps sometimes associated with free mover exchange semesters. While bilateral agreements will always form the backbone of student mobility, we offer a complimentary, simple and secure avenue for studying abroad for those students who cannot find a suitable placement through bilateral agreements alone.

Our story

What can Asia Exchange offer for your institution?

Experience and expertise in higher education in Asia since 2007

During our journey over the years, we have gained a lot of knowledge in higher education, practical matters, and cultures of Asia to ensure our students can have the most amazing experience of their life. We keep up-to-date with the latest news and developments concerning our host countries’ higher education systems, political landscape and visa regulations. We are happy to offer our expertise to higher education professionals dealing with Asian countries.

Saving on time and effort

Our goal is to make studying abroad as easy as possible. We help the sending universities by acting as the direct link between the student and the host university, thereby reducing the administrative workload for all parties.

In addition to that, Asia Exchange takes care of the mailing of applications, acceptance letters, transcript credits, and the invoicing of tuition fees. We provide students with all the information they need to make their course selections, travel arrangements and generally make the most out of the semester abroad.

Ready-made portfolio of universities tailor-made for your institution’s needs

Are you missing partner universities from popular study-abroad destinations? Asia Exchange offers the most affordable portfolio of quality study programs in Asia. Together with our carefully selected partner universities, we strive to offer diverse programs suitable for students from many academic backgrounds. Our portfolio can complement your institution’s study abroad destination selection and therefore increase your institution’s attractiveness in the eyes of students.

Are you in need of universities with certain fields of study for your students? Together we can shape a tailor-made portfolio of destinations for your institution’s needs. Ideally, all our destinations will be available for your students, but we can also create a portfolio of universities that matches your needs. Contact us by phone or email or book a counselling session and let’s find the best portfolio for your institution’s needs.

Easy, fast application process and flexible application deadlines for your students

Asia Exchange is a worry-free solution for your students as well. Applying with Asia Exchange is as easy as it gets: student fills out the application form and attach required documents. We will process the application and send an initial acceptance letter to the student within 1-7 days. Some of the host institutions accept applications as late as a few weeks before the semester starts.

We offer students counselling and help with visas, accommodation, academic matters, and everyday life at the destination. Asia Exchange’s fast customer service answers all kinds of questions students might come up with before, during, and after studying abroad semester.

Free of charge for sending universities

We believe that together we can do more than alone. Therefore, we do not charge sending universities for the partnership with us.

Asia Exchange negotiates the tuition fees with each host university in our destinations individually and strives to keep the tuition as low as possible for students as well. Therefore, everybody wins, lower tuition fees for the students and less bureaucracy for both sending and host universities.

“Let’s work together to increase student mobility and help students to get an experience of a lifetime!”

Harri Suominen

Managing director, Co-funder

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  1. Set up a meeting 

  2. Tailor-made destination portfolio for your institution’s needs

Your students can choose a study abroad destination from our wide portfolio of quality destinations. Choose all Asia Exchange destinations for your institution’s portfolio or pick the best destinations for your institution’s needs.

  1. Services for students before, during, and after the semester abroad

We help and support your students every step of the way. Our destination coordinators keep the students posted on their study abroad destination’s updates and important information regarding application deadlines, arrival, course registrations and so on. Students can also contact us through email, phone, live chat, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

  1. Long term partnership

Asia Exchange helps your students to study abroad in our destinations now and in the future. We can settle for a small discount for our partner institutions’ students so that your students can have the most affordable study abroad experience.